Lisa Lockland-Bell is a leader in vocal communication. Her ability to diagnose, heal and reveal the potential that lies within each human voice is spectacular.

A respected keynote speaker, vocal coach and facilitator: with over three decades of experience, her unique perspective on vocal communication forms the foundation for her skill based speaking and training programs.  Highlighting the importance of using your voice for positioning | impact | influence. Her strategies are innovative yet simple, with a clear framework that are unique to speaking within the new world.

With a contagious enthusiasm for life, she stimulates companies and individuals on how to communicate effectively.

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  • Director: Operait PTY LTD 
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Vocal Coach – 25 Years+
  • Ambassador for ACCF:Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation
  • Program Facilitator
  • Author
  • Professional Opera Singer
  • National Adjudicator

Lisa has studied vocal communication with the world’s best, performed as an opera singer and coached internationally for more than 30 years.  From tweaking your embouchure to getting the most from your resonating cavities, Lisa knows the human voice intimately. Now, she distils this knowledge into useful communication skills training. Whether it is an intimate one-on-one negotiation or working with a room of staff, Lisa has the knowledge to improve your vocal intelligence, presentation, persuasion, negotiation and public speaking skills.

The true richness in Lisa’s communication mastery comes from her profound battle with cancer not once, but twice, arousing a deeper exploration of how human beings communicate.   With more than 20 years of research into alternative therapies and understanding of the inner voice, Lisa has combined her skill-based training with elements of survival, reinvention and core values, making her the expert on both the internal and external voices.

Now, passionate about building confidence within the individual and organisations: Lisa’s life work is to Change Results and Lives ONE TONE AT A TIME.

Her current research for her second book is Shocking! As you discover how your Vocal Tone may be shackling your life, health, marriage and business.


Lisa knows your voice has the power to break a heart, seal the deal or change the world.  But, do you?

From the first day Lisa started speaking and coaching, the hearts and minds of the people she works with have been the centre of her business model.

It is her honest approach that has brought a clarity of purpose and consistency to her clients. Her ever-broadening range of clients across the globe are given equal parts skill based technique and structure.

Lisa does not conclude any answer without first gaining a deep understanding of her clients and the market they operate within.  She makes it her mission to understand the market language so to refine and structure your vocal image and unique truth.

Her strategic approach helps you release a restricted voice, soften a forceful tone, strengthen a timid response, make a deeper connection and break down the barriers to effective communication.

What others are saying:

"Lisa Lockland-Bell made an impact at our Toastmasters District 69 - 45th Annual Conference - delivering both an inspirational and educational keynote session rolled into one. Lisa not only left our delegates with goose bumps, she also left them with expanded knowledge on how to improve the power of their voice. Further to this Lisa imparted practical techniques to apply - with more than 200 delegates up on their feet several times applying the learnings. Our delegates further enjoyed the advanced technology that Lisa incorporated in the session, and which delegates could interact within the room. Conference Evaluation forms submitted on the 3-day event, consistently regarded Lisa a highlight, and further complimented the personal time she gave during breaks to speak with many one-on-one. Lisa certainly delivered on our conference theme, and "Made a Splash In Our World" at the 45th Annual Conference".

Toastmasters District 69

I found Lisa to be a very approachable and helpful coach. Lisa's approach is very pragmatic which helped to remove the issues that were causing a block. Lisa has a flexible style which allows her to adapt to the needs of the individual rather than following a tried and tested format. She is very personable which enables you to open up and go deeper than one normally would. I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa.

Julie Spring - HR Director - Executive Coach

Lisa Lockland-Bell is an expert in her craft. Communication. Voice. Engagement. Impact. In my 20+ years of business, leadership and executive training across multinationals, SMEs and Not-For-Profits, I had never before experienced the personal and professional development that Lisa Lockland-Bell facilitated through the Vocal Giants program. The Vocal Giants program had an immediate and tangible impact on how I engage my teams, my clients and my audience. The practical knowledge, techniques, and masterful coaching learnt throughout the workshop, shaped not only what I say, but how I say it - from crafting a more engaging message, to delivering it with a more controlled and powerful voice, as well as effectively using a microphone with confidence.

Carolyn Shaw -Action Leadership - HR and OD Professional

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