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Let’s Do It Again!

With over 60 attendees to the September Vocal Bootcamp we have decided to run it again in October.

Yes you heard me. A 21 x Day Vocal Boot Camp.


In a world saturated with electronic and digital communication there is nothing quite like spending time with people face to face, experiencing interpersonal communication from a three-dimensional perspective.

However within that same world there is a serious problem developing: VOCAL FATIGUE, VOCAL FRY, Voices that are UNFIT.


You have heard the saying, if you don’t use it, you loose it! And this is exactly what’s going on. When was the last time you checked in with your voice to make sure it is strong, flexible and functioning effectively? I am going to guess, possibly never. That’s ok, because most people would never consider doing vocal training.

The symptoms include increased strain when talking, hoarseness, reduced ability to make an impact, vocal fry (lazy tone), lack of breath support and the list goes on.


For the first-time Lisa Lockland-Bell is challenging you to her Vocal Boot Camp. She will share vocal exercises, routines, techniques, strategies, tips and vocal health remedies to develop a stronger voice ready to impact and influence.

Lisa is working with Executives, CEO’s, Lawyers, Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Presenters and Business owners across Australia and into the US – whose success is through their leadership, communication, and ability to deliver a powerful message.

On Monday the 15th of October Lisa Lockland-Bell: Vocal Coach will roll out 21 days of short educational videos, challenging you to understand and start to strengthen your most powerful muscle: Your voice.

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