What a life-changing month it’s been. I feel like I am on the ride of my life with so many wonderful experiences happening. Travelling overseas is always exciting, a time for change, growth and, in this case, transformation.

On April 30th I landed in San Diego ready to spend time with 240 other professionals from around the globe, at the Seduction of Spirit conference. Deepak has been one of my “GURUS” for over 20 years. So, imagine how I felt sitting at his feet for up to 5 hours every day for 6 days. #happyplace


Like most human beings, I LOVE to overthink most of my waking hours. I live in my head; engaged in some sort of incessant internal, conscious or unconscious dialogue (usually mundane).

Deepak spoke about the word STRESS a lot. In fact, he said that “only 5% of all diseases are caused from gene-related illnesses”. Stress in literally killing humanity! I know my body has a huge negative reaction to stress.


Deepak Chopra was the first person to introduce me to meditation, which I have found is the best tool to counteract my negative brain patterns. It has helped me release stress, set intentions for positive experiences, heal from illness and just enjoy the moment.

When I discovered Chopra offers a certification program, I knew it was the next level of personal and professional development.


Primordial Sound Meditation isn’t about making the mind “Shut up”. It’s about setting the mind free: A daily practice that allows you to access the silence and stillness within your mind and body.

Becoming a certified Chopra practitioner gives me great incites on how to integrate the practice of meditation into my training programs. To speak without any self-doubt or fear, I need to get my clients out of the entrapped space within their head and into their body.

In fact, I had the chance to speak with Deepak and explained to him what I do. We discussed how many people hate the sound of their own voice and the process I use to move beyond the fear.

He was thrilled the hear someone is addressing this issue and endorsed my process. Imagine if every time you opened your mouth, you could speak with clarity and make a deep impact.

How would this change your world? By connecting the physiological and psychological elements for vocal success, I am here to help you, your friends, family or colleagues step up to your ultimate potential.