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Vocal Coach | Speaker | Mentor

My journey and obsession with the human voice, started when I was a young girl, many, many moons ago. I was only 8 years of age when I landed my first lead role in the school musical as Little Red Riding Hood. My very RAW talent, quickly developed into a passion and today is clearly identified as my purpose in this lifetime. Closely supported and encouraged by my family, in 1990 I was accepted into the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.

I wanted to be A GREAT OPERA SINGER.

The twist to the story was my father’s unfortunate mental condition, known today as Bi-polar disorder. At the time, to a highly sensitive, creative little girl, this condition was devastating. However, forty-something years later, I know, it was the greatest learning institution I could have ever attended.

This is where I developed an advanced ability to diagnose, heal and reveal the potential that lies within a human voice.

Why? Because I had to learn how to diagnose every micro nuance, inflection, cadence and tone that Dad projected. With this sea of information, I was able to ascertain the severity of abuse I was about to endure, prompting me to hide, shut down or simply fight. It was a primitive self-protective mechanism that I mastered, and has made me good at what I do today.

Eventually however,  the daily torrent of abuse took a toll on my nervous system. At the age of 22, while finishing my graduate diploma, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease. This changed the trajectory of my life, nothing was ever “normal” again. I went on to have children, got married and was enjoying a career as an opera singer, recording artist and international performer, until I was diagnosed with a second form of cancer at the age of 34: Cancer of the Cervix.

Clearly, something I was doing was not working. Not sure of what exactly, I decided to change everything. From what I ate, where I lived, who I surrounded myself with, how I spoke, what I thought…etc.

The one thing that I did not change however was my love of coaching. I was a good vocal coach, who focused on singers. However, what happened, as I implemented my new personal development and healing strategies, was I started to attract a new clientele: Executives.

By the age of 40, I had studied the voice for more than twenty years. My experience in building resilience, sustaining life, developing confidence, strategic planning to re-invent myself along with the unquestionable determination to just keep on fighting, was empowering my clients and I was excited.

As the LLB Vocal Studio expanded I was intrigued as to why I was attracting a new clientele. With this in mind, I spent the next five years studying what the market was missing and how I could help the corporate world to feel confident and speak with impact in every situation

I am now, totally addicted to the buzz of lighting someone up. There is nothing like making people FEEL. Feel connected to their breath. Feel in control of their voice. Feel confident to share ideas effortlessly and feel a deeper connection with their mind and body.

My mission is to build a collective movement of inspired speakers and singers. If I can achieve this in my lifetime, I will consider my job done!

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Singing has always been my thing
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My Fancy Titles

  • Vocal Coach (20 Year)
  • Speaker
  • Certified Chopra Center Practitioner
  • Mentor
  • Program Trainer
  • Author
  • Ambassador for ACCF: Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation
  • Professional Opera Singer
  • National Adjudicator

I have studied with some of the world’s best, performed as an opera singer and coached internationally.  But, do you want to know what my absolute favourite thing to do is?  Potter, YES potter.  Every Sunday is my fun day to potter about, listen to music and cook my fave healthy dish.

From tweaking your embouchure (another fancy word for mouth shape) to managing the micro elements of presenting,  I understand that because the human voice is flexible and responsive, it can be altered and improved with treatment and training.

The true richness of the LLB Vocal Studio comes from my crazy battle with cancer not once (because that wasn’t enough!), but twice.  I am a total nerd when it comes to the voice, because I want to know everything about, how us earthlings communicate.


Every voice is spectacular. With a unique perspective, innovative and simple strategies I love to diagnose, heal and reveal the ultimate potential that lies within us all.

Bringing together a lifelong passion for psychology, communication, alternative thinking, eastern philosophy and of course THE VOICE: The Foundation of my programs is skill based training.

I use my musical expertise, scientific know-how and emotional intelligence to support you to speak with impact, lead and inspire.

From the telephone to the interview to the keynote presentation. I help you build confidence, teach you how to create a voice that not only matches your professional profile but becomes a voice that you love.

Hear what others are saying…

Lisa Lockland-Bell made an impact at our Toastmasters District 69 – 45th Annual Conference – delivering both an inspirational and educational keynote session rolled into one. Lisa not only left our delegates with goose bumps, she also left them with expanded knowledge on how to improve the power of their voice. Further to this Lisa imparted practical techniques to apply – with more than 200 delegates up on their feet several times applying the learnings. Our delegates further enjoyed the advanced technology that Lisa incorporated in the session, and which delegates could interact within the room. Conference Evaluation forms submitted on the 3-day event, consistently regarded Lisa a highlight, and further complimented the personal time she gave during breaks to speak with many one-on-one. Lisa certainly delivered on our conference theme, and “Made a Splash In Our World” at the 45th Annual Conference.

Toastmasters District 69

I found Lisa to be a very approachable and helpful coach. Lisa’s approach is very pragmatic which helped to remove the issues that were causing a block. Lisa has a flexible style which allows her to adapt to the needs of the individual rather than following a tried and tested format. She is very personable which enables you to open up and go deeper than one normally would. I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa.

Julie Spring, - HR Director - Executive Coach

Lisa Lockland-Bell is an expert in her craft. Communication. Voice. Engagement. Impact. In my 20+ years of business, leadership and executive training across multinationals, SMEs and Not-For-Profits, I had never before experienced the personal and professional development that Lisa Lockland-Bell facilitated through the Vocal Giants program. The Vocal Giants program had an immediate and tangible impact on how I engage my teams, my clients and my audience. The practical knowledge, techniques, and masterful coaching learnt throughout the workshop, shaped not only what I say, but how I say it – from crafting a more engaging message, to delivering it with a more controlled and powerful voice, as well as effectively using a microphone with confidence.

Carolyn Shaw, - Action Leadership - HR and OD Professional

“The secret to an expressive voice is to move straight from the breath
into the sound without a gap of self doubt or manipulation”.