Vocal Coach and creator of The woman’s Voice

Lisa is a vocal master who ensures thought-leaders add value to every conversation. From the physical, through the meta-physical to the spiritual, she is your one-stop vocal expert. If your words are important, you need to be heard.

Lisa’s journey has seen her transition from a world-class opera singer, 2 x time cancer survivor, to sought-after elite coach and now to expert mentor helping corporate leaders confidently speak in a way that supports their reputation and adds value to every conversation.

In addition, she’s an engaging Keynote Speaker, Singing Teacher, National Adjudicator, ACCF Ambassador, Certified Deepak Chopra Practitioner, Mother, Wife and Community Leader who runs her own business.

In short, Lisa Lockland-Bell represents a rare blend of real-life talent, training, resilience, intuition and heartfelt leadership combined with the ability to communicate her life experience across a broad spectrum of private coaching, media, stage and audiences.

Singing has always been my thing
Take a listen to my all time fave #1 song


I believe you deserve to be heard!  My holistic approach to life includes calico bags, mung bean soup (as a staple diet), a constant search for truth, an empathetic spirit, and eclectic love of eastern music and philosophy. I am deeply hurt by social injustice and have a physical reaction to incongruent language (aka lying). I am disappointed by inconsistency and saddened by any negative conditioning of the human mind and spirit.

I know the truth will always prevail. I choose to live a simple, cozy, and happy life. I eat nutritious food because it’s clear to me that the digestive system is the root of all diseases. My routine is about learning and teaching.  I stand for making money from a noble service that makes a difference in people’s lives.  I am an introvert who is very shy and will not push into a conversation by force. I believe my opinion is just that, my opinion, and I resist sharing it too often. However, ask me my opinion when I am on stage and the introvert steps aside, ready to deliver my beliefs, desires, experiences, and ideas.

I believe that if we project the potential that lies within every human spirit, we can make a change in the world.  I know firsthand that in order for us as humans to sustain any quality of life, we need to take more responsibility for our actions, be tender and more understanding to ourselves first. My deepest desire to feel safe and connected.

My AHA! moment: Being told I CANNOT get cancer again because my body won’t take any more treatment! The human voice is my purpose. I want to climb more mountains and sit with more spiritual gurus. I crave meditation and experiences from a higher level of consciousness. My desire is to support others, offering my love, compassion, and understanding. I want the headstone on my grave to say “You’ve just got to be bothered”.

Happiness, joy, and health are all ours for the taking, but we need to believe it first.  My favourite key signature is C Major. I always feel the incredible pull of the northern hemisphere’s magnetic energy. My big goal is to follow Autumn around the world for the rest of my life. My favourite word is Namaste.

Lisa’s Experience

  • Registered Vocal Coach (20 Year)
  • Global Speaker
  • Program Trainer
  • Author
  • Wellness and Mindset Mentor
  • Certified Chopra Center Practitioner
  • Qualified Reiki Master
  • Ambassador for ACCF: Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation
  • Professional Opera Singer
  • National Adjudicator
  • Member of ANATS || VASTA || QMTA

I have been lucky enough to study with some of the world’s best, performed as an opera singer and coached internationally. From tweaking your embouchure (a fancy word for mouth shape) to managing the micro elements of presenting,  I understand that because the human voice is flexible and responsive, it can be altered and improved with treatment and training.

Inside the LLB Studio

Hi, I’m a vocal coach, mentor, ambassador, author, singer, podcaster, survivor, overachiever, mama (to grown up’s), proud wife and business owner probably just like you.  Welcome to my studio where the research, practice and development of magical voices begins.  

I believe every voice is spectacular. With a unique perspective, innovative and simple strategies I love to diagnose, heal and reveal the ultimate potential that lies within us all.

Bringing together a lifelong passion for psychology, communication, alternative thinking, eastern philosophy and of course THE VOICE: The Foundation of my programs is skill based training.

I use my musical expertise, scientific know-how and emotional intelligence to support you to speak with impact, lead and inspire.

From the telephone to the interview to the keynote presentation or international singing sensation, I help you build confidence and teach you how to create a voice that not only matches your professional profile but becomes a voice that you love.



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Endorsements + Kind Words.

Lisa Lockland-Bell made an impact at our Toastmasters District 69 – 45th Annual Conference – delivering both an inspirational and educational keynote session rolled into one. Lisa not only left our delegates with goose bumps, she also left them with expanded knowledge on how to improve the power of their voice. Further to this Lisa imparted practical techniques to apply – with more than 200 delegates up on their feet several times applying the learnings. Our delegates further enjoyed the advanced technology that Lisa incorporated in the session, and which delegates could interact within the room. Conference Evaluation forms submitted on the 3-day event, consistently regarded Lisa a highlight, and further complimented the personal time she gave during breaks to speak with many one-on-one. Lisa certainly delivered on our conference theme, and “Made a Splash In Our World” at the 45th Annual Conference.

Toastmasters District 69

I found Lisa to be a very approachable and helpful coach. Lisa’s approach is very pragmatic which helped to remove the issues that were causing a block. Lisa has a flexible style which allows her to adapt to the needs of the individual rather than following a tried and tested format. She is very personable which enables you to open up and go deeper than one normally would. I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa.

Julie Spring, - HR Director - Executive Coach

Lisa Lockland-Bell is an expert in her craft. Communication. Voice. Engagement. Impact. In my 20+ years of business, leadership and executive training across multinationals, SMEs and Not-For-Profits, I had never before experienced the personal and professional development that Lisa Lockland-Bell facilitated through the Vocal Giants program. The Vocal Giants program had an immediate and tangible impact on how I engage my teams, my clients and my audience. The practical knowledge, techniques, and masterful coaching learnt throughout the workshop, shaped not only what I say, but how I say it – from crafting a more engaging message, to delivering it with a more controlled and powerful voice, as well as effectively using a microphone with confidence.

Carolyn Shaw, - Action Leadership - HR and OD Professional