I spent the better part of January getting very clear on what I want in 2018.   It was a great reminder that whether you are creating a business plan, health regime or workout program, it all starts with your attention and intention.

While deep diving into the detail of what I wanted to achieve, I found myself reflecting on the belief system that was drilled into me as a child:  You’re not good enough, you’re not pretty enough, you’re not talented enough to even think of asking for what you want, let alone what you think you deserve.

My father, fundamentally a good man, fell victim to what we call today: Bi polar disorder.   Unfortunately, to an empathetic eight-year-old little girl, this was one of the greatest sufferings life could have dealt. It left words in my heart that I couldn’t utter.  Those repressed words become the object of my attention for a decade, only creating great anxiety, heightened mental and physical torture until cancer manifested in my body at the tender age of 22 and again at 34.

You see, I was taught to ignore my gut voice and never trust my instincts.  The two fundamental elements that I know, are the essence of my survival today.  How do I know this? Because in this bright shiny world your internal guidance system is your only true best friend, one that will guide, dictate and protect your every move.

While researching the science behind my belief on how the mind is related to matter. It became glaringly obvious this ancient question in philosophy is rapidly becoming a core problem in science.  In a nutshell science is still arguing against the role of human consciousness and the mechanics of the brain.  What do I believe?  Well, more than 24 years later I am considered CURED in the eyes of science. So I am going to keep doing what I am doing.

How do you ask for what you want? It starts with your self-worth, your values and beliefs.  Fundamentally, you need to know who you are and what gets you fired up.

What does this mean? You need to get down into the micro details of what you do want.  As Deepak Chopra would say: This will bring your awareness to the energy that lives within each desire, becoming the dominant force in your life. By learning how to value what you put your attention on, is when you can consciously create success and transformation within yourself.

 Not sure on what to do next?

  1. Be brave and make a list of the important things that you would like to experience in life.. Once you are clear, review this list at least twice every day.  Sit with it, see it and start to feel it as if it is already happening.
  2. Surrender your desires to the universe and trust: Trust is a big element within your practice. Think about it: You breathe hundreds of times every day without worrying if the universe will supply enough oxygen.  So trust that the universe is listening and will support you. Oh and please, be patient, it may not happen overnight.
  3. Listen: Once you have asked for what you want you must listen for the answers. They may not come in the little blue box you are expecting.
  4. Everyday, be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone by just 1%: This may mean just picking up the phone.  Taking that first step into the Gym or simply looking into the mirror.

Most importantly, get focused. By being focused, you get clarity, and with clarity your physical voice supports you in everything you ask for.

Imagine that moment when you open your mouth releasing a full, solid tone that reflects the potential that lies within you.

Sending a very clear message to the world that you are here and you deserve to be heard.