Your Business needs a Bloody Big Breath

Your life probably began like everyone else’s; with a tap on the derriere. Your first lesson on the importance of taking a breath. A primal survival instinct kicked in, as you released a stupendous full bodied bellow, announcing to the world that you had arrived.

As you left the safety of your mother’s womb, incapable of speaking words or physically reaching out, the only way to make a “First Connection” was to project your full functioning, powerful, yet tiny voice. I can see you, your diaphragm filling your perfectly formed abdomen. Your face turning bright pink as your lungs release the breath, allowing you to project the exact volume of sound needed to be heard.

You were born perfect. You could fill your lungs confidently, ensuring the people surrounding you knew if you were happy or not.

Overtime however, things change. Bad habits form as life tends to get in the way. Your breathing, while a fundamental core need, is all but dismissed. As a society, we develop a practice known as shallow breathing: a drawing of minimal breath into our lungs using intercostal muscles rather than the diaphragm. Vocally, this effects the quality of your voice, creating one that is stressed and disconnected. Even worse is the monumental effects this can have on your health, leading to conditions such as anxiety, asthma, a sluggish lymphatic system and panic attacks, to name just few.

My first conscious lesson in breathing was with my vocal coach. As she pushed on my lower abdomen, just above my pubic bone, she forced me to engage my breath from the centre of my body. As I leaned forward pushing against the wall with knees bent, focusing on filling my lungs and igniting the onset of sound, it hit me! I am communicating from my womb, the bass chakra, the central power house of the world. I suddenly fully understood the process of how to make a deeper connection with my clients, my audience, and my people. I needed to reconnect with my very first breath. Eliminate the bad habits, stress and tension and return to communicating with my whole body again.

This reminded me of the first day I unconsciously decided to stop breathing. My bi-polar father, while in a fit of rage, told me “I would rather you stop breathing than see your fat gut sticking out, so suck it in fatty!” So, for the next 15 years I did just that. I tried to stop breathing, which lead to all kinds of health issues, including cancer. Did you have a pivotal moment that stopped you breathing?

Breathing is a fundamental core need to the success of your business. It is a physical action that will probably need a reboot to develop a NEW muscle memory pattern. Before you next pick up the phone, welcome your clients or jump on stage, try these little exercises.

  1. Drop your head and close your eyes, as you block your ears with your fingers.
  2. Take a slow BBB (Bloody Big Breath) in through your nose, feeling your abdominal muscles expand. (That’s right, release your abdomen)
  3. Exhale your breath through the mouth with a very gentle sigh.
  4. Repeat the process for ten continuous breaths.
  5. Do not hold the breath, either going in or out. I want you to experience a flow of breath avoiding a build-up of pressure behind the vocal cords.
  6. Now for the last step. Feel the breath as it enters and exits your body. Listen to the sound of your physical body taking in the fuel of life.

Now you are on your way to reconnecting with a full physical breath. If you start feeling self-conscious or silly, ensure that you focus on WHY you want to make a deeper connection with the people in your business. You can ask yourself the question: What is it worth to make a deeper connection, strengthen your relationship and be heard?

Remember – It all starts with a bloody big breath!