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Learn How To Create A Standout Voice Message

Does the thought of recording your phone message make you cringe?
Does your message match your professional profile, or does it sound rushed, scared and monotone. 
Or even worse do you not have a phone message because you hate the sound of your own voice?

Your phone message is vital to your business.  It is the first point of contact with a potential client.  If you don’t make an impact in those vital few seconds you could be losing money on a daily basis.

In today’s world where everyone wants an answer now, your message needs to give your clients a taste of who you are and most importantly leave them wanting more.

Lisa has the formula for you to create that powerfyul message.

Breakfast Outcomes

  1. 10 x Step formula to creating a STANDOUT Voice Mail.
  2. Make a great first impression
  3. Learn the science behind recoring a powerful voice mail.
  4. Empower your message by controlling every nuance, inflection and tone.
  5. Inject more of you into your phone message.
  6. Make sure your voice is dynamic.
  7. Vocal techniques for recording a great voice message
  8. Leave your callers feeling confident in your services.
  9. Ensure your voicemail matches your professional profile.
  10. Walk away with a Voice Message that you love.