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Ok, accept it.

Practice more speaking” is on your 2018 list of stuff you know you need to do.

Because you still get nervous when you need to introduce yourself, you’re avoiding opportunities to present and your voice still feels disconnected from what you really want to say.

YOU want to feel confident in sales and negotiations.
YOU want to make an impact, inspire and lead during presentations and reporting.
YOU want to your voice to sound like YOU when doing a Vlog, Podcast or phone call.
YOU want REAL conversations with REAL people when networking.

I am proud of quality the LLB Studio is producing from top quality presenters, world class performers. powerful speakers and smart business owners. That said, there is always room to grow and 2018 is the year for us all to step up to the next level.

As a valued client and friend of the LLB Studio, I wanted you to be the first to know about the

The Exclusive: Workshop Series

What is it?:

A workshop specifically designed for clients and friends ONLY (No General Public!).

Why is this important?:

Part of the LLB process is, you need to PRACTICE. This workshop environment allows you to practice in public without actually being in public.

The focus will be a fusion of:

  • Vocal Techniques
  • Mind Set
  • Delivery
  • Stage Craft

What to expect? 

  • Each workshop will require volunteers ( AKA you) to get up in front of the audience and workshop your presentation.
  • I will be there with you all the way, massaging through the content with suggestions on areas to work on.


For you to walk away feeling empowered, informed, inspired and motivated.

What should your prepare?

  • Sixty Second Elevator pitch.
  • Five minute networking presentation.
  • 10 segment from a keynote presentation.
  • Any other content you want to air.

Do you have to present?

No, not at all. This is a perfect opportunity for you to practice networking, introducing yourself and getting up on stage, when you are ready. The idea is that we all learn from each other.

Come join the LLB Tribe Wednesday 11th April for the first 2018 Workshop.