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The FIRST Singers Masterclass for 2018.

The standard that The LLB Studio is producing is simply stunning, from top quality presenters, beautiful singers and world class performers. That said, there is always room to grow and 2018 is the year for us all to step up to the next level.

As a valued client and friend of the LLB Studio,Lisa wanted you to be the first to know about:

The Singers Masterclass Series:

What is it?

This is a unique opportunity to work with Lisa, a vocal coach who knows her craft, has conquered some of life’s greatest challenges and learnt from the world’s best.

You are in expert hands as you experience the magic of this lady in her element. Her ability to effectively communicate performance strategies, skill based technique and self-confidence issues has to be seen. It is an up-close and intimate journey of discovery as she meticulously works with each singer, imparting and sharing her craft. You will come away feeling uplifted, informed, inspired, and motivated.

Why is this important?:

Part of the LLB process is, you need to PRACTICE. This workshop environment allows you to practice in public without actually being in public.

The focus will be a fusion of:

  • Vocal Techniques
  • Mind Set
  • Delivery
  • Stage Craft

What to expect? 

  • Each workshop will require volunteers to get up and sing. You could be one of them!
  • Lisa will be there with you all the way, massaging through your performance with suggestions on areas to work on.

What should you prepare?

  • A song of your choice.

Do you have to perform?

No, not at all. This is a perfect opportunity for you to relax in a safe learning environment, while listening to great singers. The idea is that we all learn from each other.

Come join the LLB Singers: Sunday 3rd June for the first 2018 Masterclass.