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Executive Team

8 x 2-3 hour sessions: For up to 12 PAX 

  1. The Setup: An Introductory session focusing on successful outcomes. 
  2. The Shift: Speaking deep dive.
  3. The Voice : Implement strategic techniques ready for immediate action.  
  4. The Build: Develop the capacity to be seen, heard and felt by others.  
  5. The Airwaves: Speak with authority – phone, teleconference, video & media. 
  6. The Experience: Step outside into the corridors of possibility.  
  7. The Impact and influence: Impact and influence in any situation.  
  8. The Presentation: Wrapping it all up – deliver from the big stage. 

Where will your team use their new voice? 

  • Sales and negotiations: Connection, empathy & closing.
  • Presentations and reporting: Clarity, delivery & impact.
  • Networking and meetings: Deeper, faster connections.
  • Leadership and management: Inspire, motivate & influence.
  • Video, Podcasts, Vlogs: Authenticity, tone & rhythm.

What to expect?:

  • Evaluation – 30 minute planning session either in person, phone or Skype.
  • Destructure: Deep Dive into the specifics of what you need.
  • Restructure: Implement strategic techniques ready for immediate action.
  • Delivery: Develop the capacity to be seen, heard and felt by others.
  • 8 x 120 min sessions:  Onsite
  • Monthly Webinar
  • Individual session reports
  • Audio Recording of each session
  • Ad hoc phone support as needed
  • Vocal Tips | Exercises | Techniques
  • 10% Discount on recommended Forbrain device.
  • LLB Vocal Studio Membership

How long does this take?

  • Evaluation – 30 minute
  • Training – 8 Sessions

Sessions: Onsite.

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