What’s next….

A presentation just for you.

  • Initial telephone conversation to determine presentation requirements.
  • Proposal & Quote.

How is the Quote Determined?

  • Presentation length.
  • Presentation style and expected outcomes.
  • Number of bonus items selected. (See Below)
  • Number of breakout sessions required. (See Below)
  • Travel time from Brisbane AU

Presentation Length

  • Standard Keynotes – range from 45- 90 min.
  • Workshops can be tailored for between 2 – 4 hours  – Perfect for extended training and breakout sessions.
  • Made to order keynotes – Totally dependent on your requirements.

What does this mean?

  • Standard Keynotes – Pre-Prepared content with the ability to add slightly customised variations – Perfect for Open events
  • Made to Order keynotes – The content is created depending on your requirements – Perfect to lead into breakout sessions – Training & education.

Bonus Items!

Lisa offers a vast range of Bonus items for her clients, helping to create a unique and powerful event.

These bonuses are perfect for adding extra value to your Events – Conferences – Seminars.

Interactive breakout sessions:

  • Choice of giveaways: Books, C’D’s and more.
  • Video of event for post training.
  • One on one training for staff.
  • Team training.
  • Top tips  – Reference Guide for Audience.
  • Meeting with your team for guidance/assistance on production requirements: A unique opportunity to capitalise on Lisa’s vast experience within the entertainment industry.
  • Interactive breakout sessions/Vocal Workshops:
    • Effective communication.
    • Vocal health.
    • Perfect your elevator pitch.
    • Telecommunication skills.
    • Pure skill based vocal technique.
    • Accessing your executive voice.
    • Aligning the four elements to effective communication

How to reduce Lisa’s Keynote Speaker Fees:

  • Video tape the event and give Lisa a copy.
  • Allow Lisa to have contact information from all attendees.
  • Allow Lisa to sell products and services at the event.
  • Videotape attendee testimonials.
  • Write testimonials for Lisa.
  • Hire Lisa to handle more than one session.
  • Extend Lisa’s travel and stay at the resort.
  • Invite Lisa to eat at your planned events.
  • Pay for Lisa’s husband to travel to your event.

A range of fees are on offer to meet your budget, you just have to ask.
Lisa’s fees start at $5000 (AU)

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