For Goodness Sake – Ditch the Pitch

For Goodness Sake – Ditch the pitch!

Whether it is direct, sneaky or curved: I NEVER want to hear a sales pitch whooshing past my ears, ready to smack me in the face again.

You pitch and pitch again using different questions and the latest NLP techniques. STOP! Seriously, it’s embarrassing. You are turning into a weirdo and I don’t like being around you.


  1. Your intentions shift when you pitch at me.
  2. I disappear as your attention focuses on the spin.
  3. Your tone changes as you use “SNEAKY” sales tactics. Yes, we all hear it.

If you pitch at me I can choose to:

  • Play the game and hit the ball back to you.
  • Duck and let you try again.
  • Or, the one most likely one is, I drop the bat and walk away. Game over; you have lost not just the sale but the potential of a long term relationship with repeat sales.

This is a global problem. Somehow sales people have come to believe, consciously or not, that to deliver a pitch they need to change who they are and morph into some kind of super-slick sales machine.

The correct sales pitch is to UNPITCH!

So how do you do this? Here are some of the ways to UNPITCH.

  • Get intimate with your product or service. Strengthen your ability to articulate the problems that you solve: without sounding scripted.
  • Do your research. Know as much about the buyer as possible. This way you can address their specific needs and desires, making your client the hero of the story.
  • LISTEN to the prospect first and identify if you can actually help solve their problems. You may NOT be the right person for the job, and that’s ok. If you truly care about the prospect, find someone that can help them. The next time they need your specific service, they will come back to you, knowing they can trust you. They may also recommend you to other prospects.
  • Start the conversation with a question. If you have an answer to their problem, then you can show them your expertise and check that it fits. Be careful here not to allow the sneaky sideways pitch-voice in.
  • Tell stories that are relevant to their situation. This expands their thinking, creating a story board of what is possible on the other side of the sale.
  • Have confidence, based on your experience, that you can fill their needs.

Why is all of this so important?

The vibration of your voice cannot lie. As human beings we have an incredible inbuilt lie detector, with the ability to meticulously translate the sympathetic vibration that your voice is transmitting to us.

We may not be able to give a defined explanation to what we are translating, however, we understand the feeling you give us.  If you are pitching at us we will usually walk away to the words “There is just something I do not like about that person!”

I see this pattern in people when I coach them. Generally, they can talk and talk, but when I say “Tell me what you do.” DISCONNECT! I can literally see the disconnect happen between their heart and mind as they try to pitch.

By using the Unpitch method, you can speak openly and honestly without a hint of “Insincerity” or “Salesy” in your voice.

Technically, you will change the inflections within your conversation. The questions will rise with corresponding pitch while your statements will land with certainty. This allows the prospect to feel at ease and start to trust you.

Go out now and Unpitch with more freedom and flexibility in your voice, reflecting your true dynamic and enthusiastic character.