If You Look Like PradaYou Should Sound Like Prada!

‘I am busy building my brand!’

A statement I heard just yesterday. I got confused though, because I presumed this meant that the person had also spent time working on their VOICE, as a part of their Branding campaign. But I was wrong…

Let me explain why!

There were two people I was introduced to at a recent networking event. Both were intelligent and educated individuals, working in the same profession.

1st person:

Immaculate, perfect hair, well-groomed, wearing stunning high-end clothing. I asked “What is the focus within your business now?” Based on the visual image, I had high expectations, believing they had everything together and this was a person I would want to do business with.

Alas, with a tone and manner that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, the response was “I am busy building my brand!”. I was totally confused, this person looked a million dollars; dressed in Prada; but the voice did not match the brand they were projecting. I felt awful and heard nothing else they said. All I could focus on was how I was going to escape the tone of the conversation.

The 2nd person:

Well presented, clean and tidy, wearing more modest clothing. When they introduced themselves, I was immediately engaged by their warm silky tone. Straight away I felt connected and wanted to catch up to hear more about their business over coffee.

I knew immediately who I wanted to do business with. Can I ask you: Out of the two, who would you want to invest time and money with?

I think it is safe to say there is ONE VITAL reason why people will want to work with you. YOU make them feel GOOD! They love conversing with you, sharing ideas and exploring possibilities.

In a world full of distractions, the central core of a brand does not emerge from just a bright and shiny marketing campaign: It EMANATES from your soul.

What I learnt from this conversation is that not everyone takes their voice into consideration when developing their brand. People are prepared to spend thousands on education, office, staff, shiny hair, makeup, nails, shoes, bags, clothing and car: but as they walk out the door in the morning they give no thought as to what effect their vocal image is having on their business.

Tips to think about when strengthening your Vocal Image:

  • Vocal culture for you and your team
    1. Check that your voice is in alignment with the rest of your brand.
    2. In a perfect world, how do you want your vocal image to be perceived?
    3. What is your vocal legacy? When people walk away, how would you like them to remember you?
  • Mindset – understand the vocal effects of having a negative mindset.
    1. Is the “STORY” of your personal life tarnishing your business conversations with a negative undertone?
    2. Instead of hating your voice, identify what it is you would like to improve and create a strategic plan to fix the problem.
    3. Is your lack of self-confidence projecting an image that you are not serious about your business?
  • Vocal Techniques
    1. Have freedom and flexibility within the voice aligning with your open minded and adaptable nature.
    2. Know how to control the voice, ensuring you apply the correct inflections and nuances within your conversations.
    3. Develop a strong breathing technique to secure any uncontrolled shaking within the voice.

In my experience, 80% of the people I meet all openly say “I HATE my voice!

It is possible for you to have a voice that is in complete alignment with you and your brand. A voice that inspires, influences and motivates your clients first time, every time. How much is it worth to your business to love the sound of your own voice and build a superior brand?