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With more than 30 years of performing, speaking and coaching experience, Lisa is a speaker who understands the importance of your conference.   

She also understands that the fundamental desire of all human beings is to be heard. Everyone has something to share and today, making a deeper human connection matters.

You don’t want your audience to be mediocre. You want them to have a deeper desire, to be inspired and be talking in the corridors for weeks to come.

That’s why Lisa has crafted her presentation with powerful, clear messages with a balance of science, insight and humour.

Your focus is: education, increased performance, outcomes, value, takeaways, and of course, entertainment.

Lisa’s focus is: teaching, interactively moving your people from good to great, then to elite performance with easy to apply techniques and a whole lot of laughs.

As a professional speaker, Lisa’s desire is for you to feel like a ROCKSTAR. She creates an opportunity for your audience to step into the corridor of growth and possibility.

  • Marjory Hansen wrote: “Lisa, you have instilled in us a memory which will last forever. We are all enriched by the information you shared on the day and it was given with so much gentleness, warmth and love”. Thank you x
  • Toastmaster International Conference said: “Members were treated to an inspiring and educational presentation with some incredible technology that helped engage the room”.
  • Carolyn Shaw, HR and OD Professional was amazed that in her 20+ years of business, leadership and executive training across multinationals, SMEs and Not-For-Profits, she had never before experienced the personal and professional development that Lisa Lockland-Bell offered. 
  • Gianna Di Bella of Di Bella Enterprises stated: “Since working with Lisa, my progress and development has been tremendous, culminating into a presentation in front of 200 people, which was both inspiring and uplifting for the audience based on their feedback”.

1. Reconnect With Your Voice.

– Motivational –

Everyone is talking about “FINDING THEIR VOICE”, as if it is under a mushroom on top of a mountain somewhere.  I do not agree with this philosophy at all.  You were born with a voice that you were totally connected with  as a child.  What has probably happened as you have developed and become more conditioned to and affected by life, is you have DISCONNECTED with your voice.

The difficulty is that in our very noisy world today, you need to be heard and so need to reconnect with your VOICE.

With simple, clear and effective techniques, Lisa will teach you how to reconnect once again with your voice allowing you to SPEAK LIKE A WOMAN, fast tracking your career, relationships and life.


  • ​Come away knowing how to tap into your SWEET SPOT and sound like a woman.
  • Understand you don’t need to find your voice, you just need to reconnect with the one you have.
  • Say YES to those opportunities, knowing you now have a voice that supports your professional profile.

2. When Everyone Sounds The Same, Impact Matters

– Leadership –


If you want to standout in a world where everyone sounds the same, the moment of truth has arrived:  Impact and Influence are no longer a should, they are a must!

While discovering how to speak with technical excellence, physical support, emotional strength, tweaking of your embouchure (a fancy word for mouth shape) to managing the micro elements of presenting, you will also absorb and be inspired by Lisa’s extraordinary professional and life experience.

This powerful and upbeat woman understands first hand, that because the human voice is flexible and responsive, it can be altered and improved with treatment and training.

This interactive session will take you on a journey of self discovery as you glimpse inside the physiological and psychological requirements for vocal success.

Learn how to speak with gravitas, build trust and deliver messages that inspire your audience to take action.



3. The Journey Of Transformation

– Inspirational –

Whether you are a millennial start up, middle aged manager or CEO of a multinational enterprise, all of us like to think we are immortal – because the notion of anything else is far too daunting.

Lisa shares her journey back to perfect health, after experiencing 2 x stage-four cancer diagnoses, reinventing herself, completing the transformation and receiving the ultimate diagnosis: YOU ARE CURED!

This presentation will touch, move and inspire, taking you beyond hope back to your true purpose – relevant to most groups.

This program is perfect for:

  • ​Inspiration and Motivation
  • Resilience & Strength
  • Transformation


  • Health and happiness is all about making powerful choices.
  • Learning the steps to being brave enough to live the life you dream of.
  • How to start playing a bigger game.


What to expect?

  • An open and honest speaker who knows her craft, has conquered some of life’s greatest challenges and learnt from the world’s best.
  • A Standout bursting onto the stage in OPERATIC song.
  • Motivation, inspiration and education all wrapped into one.
  • Take your audience outside their comfort zone.
  • Interactive activities are included in every presentation.
  • Powerful, clear and practical messages that will support your success.
  • Experience: Lisa has presented to 10 –10,000 people at a time through extensive international performances, speaking, television, radio and film.

Presentations can be: 

  • Keynote
  • Busting Out Presentation (Small Presentation)
  • Training Workshop
  • Breakout Session
  • Format available​45-60 minute keynote, 1.5 day workshop or 2 hour breakout.

What’s Next?

When you engage Lisa, you are hiring a truly professional speaker.

In order to make the experience as productive and stress free as possible, Lisa sets her standards high: Simple things like returning phone calls and emails while maintaining communication is guaranteed.

Lisa is always as flexible as possible in case of program changes or late requests. This means less hassle for you and a great result for your audience.

Explore Lisa’s Guide To What’s Next

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A little more about Lisa’s story:

Lisa Lockland-Bell’s journey as a vocal specialist started when she was a young girl. At the age of eight, her musical talents were recognised when she was given the lead role in the school musical.

This talent developed into her passion and purpose: The Human Voice. Encouraged by her family, Lisa went on to be accepted into the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Lisa was on the road to becoming a great opera singer.

The twist to the story was Lisa’s father’s unfortunate mental condition, known as Bi-polar disorder. To an eight-year-old girl, this condition was extreme torment, but was also the greatest learning institution. This is where she developed an advanced ability to diagnose, heal and reveal the potential that lies within a human voice.

Why? Listening for every little nuance, inflection, cadence and tone that her father projected, Lisa was able to protect herself from hours of verbal abuse.

Eventually the abuse took a toll on her nervous system. At the age of 22, while finishing her graduate diploma, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. This changed the trajectory of her life. Lisa went on to have children, got married and was enjoying a career as an opera singer, recording artist and international performer when she was diagnosed with a second form of cancer at the age of 34: Cancer of the Cervix.
Clearly, something she was doing was not working. Not sure of what exactly, Lisa decided to change everything. From what she ate, where she lived, who she surrounded herself with, how she spoke, what she thought…etc.

The one thing that did not change however was her ability to coach. Lisa had always been a good vocal coach, who focused predominantly on singers. What happened, as she focused on her own personal development and healing, was she started to attract a new clientele; executives.

By the age of 40, Lisa had studied the voice for more than twenty years. Her experience in building resilience, developing confidence, strategic planning to re-invent herself along with the unquestionable bravery to just keep on fighting, was empowering to her new clients.

As the LLB Vocal Studio expanded Lisa became more and more intrigued as to why she was attracting these people. With this question in mind, Lisa has spent the last five years studying what the market was missing and what sort of program she could create to help people feel confident and speak with impact in any situation.

Lisa now teaches physical and mental techniques to build vocal power, strengthen presence and form strong personal connections.

Lisa assists you to speak with gravitas, build trust and deliver messages that inspire your audience to take action.


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