With more than 30 years of performing, speaking and coaching experience, Lisa is a speaker who understands the importance of your conference.   

She also understands that the fundamental desire of all human beings is to be heard. Everyone has something to share and today, making a deeper human connection matters.

You don’t want your audience to be mediocre. You want them to have a deeper desire, to be inspired and be talking in the corridors for weeks to come.

That’s why Lisa has crafted her presentation with powerful, clear messages with a balance of science, insight and humour.

Your focus is: education, increased performance, outcomes, value, takeaways, and of course, entertainment.

Lisa’s focus is: teaching, interactively moving your people from good to great, then to elite performance with easy to apply techniques and a whole lot of laughs.

As a professional speaker, Lisa’s desire is for you to feel like a ROCKSTAR. She creates an opportunity for your audience to step into the corridor of growth and possibility.

Lisa’s standard 60 – 90 minute keynote is $5000 + GST*

*Flights and accommodation may be applicable. Prices are subject to change

They Said…

“Life changing” WISTA Association

“Loved Lisa’s ability to adapt her programs and training to suit others from the big stage, while still ensuring that the core principles are taught”

“She get’s the importance of mindset, technique and content in supporting her audience to speak with confidence”
Ursula Hogben Lawyer LEGAL VISION

1. Your Voice, Your Choice



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In an age that’s giving birth to creativity, innovation and natural human behaviour. You and your voice are the software to drive you, your team and your leaders to elite performance. Speaking your truth when it comes to creativity is not only important, it provides purpose and a reason to contribute. We have all had that idea that came to us (you know the genius one that woke you up at 3am!) that when at work the next day you are too scared or frightened to say in front of your colleagues, peers or manager. You fear what they might think, what they might say and how they may respond. This paralyses you from taking action.

Speaking up, is not just about the creative moment. It’s knowing you are able to contribute to a sales meeting, or confidently deliver a presentation to a client or just knowing and understanding that you have voice and it is your choice to use it.

Discover what it feels like to create, motivate and empower your leaders, teams and individuals into speaking up, taking action and contributing their best.


Key Takeaways:

  • Leaders, teams and individuals will learn how to be fully connected to their voice as an instrument
  • Upgrade their inner software to adjust their vocal delivery
  • Re-calibrate, re-think and re-set their path to elite performance
  • The power to speak up

The Audience Will Understand:

  • The impact of your vocal vibration to improve communication
  • The ego in leadership and the importance of vulnerability
  • The physiology of the voice and its impact
  • How your voice supports your professional profile
  • How to intellectualise vocal tones How to remove the barriers to building fast, strong, trusting relationships


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2. Reconnect With Your Voice.


Everyone is talking about “FINDING THEIR VOICE”, as if it is under a mushroom on top of a mountain somewhere.  I do not agree with this philosophy at all.  You were born with a voice that you were totally connected with  as a child.  What has probably happened as you have developed and become more conditioned to and affected by life, is you have DISCONNECTED with your voice.

The difficulty is that in our very noisy world today, you need to be heard and so need to reconnect with your VOICE.

With simple, clear and effective techniques, Lisa will teach you how to reconnect once again with your voice allowing you to SPEAK LIKE A WOMAN, fast tracking your career, relationships and life.


  • ​Come away knowing how to tap into your SWEET SPOT and sound like a woman.
  • Understand you don’t need to find your voice, you just need to reconnect with the one you have.
  • Say YES to those opportunities, knowing you now have a voice that supports your professional profile.
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3. The Journey Of Transformation


Whether you are a millennial start up, middle aged manager or CEO of a multinational enterprise, all of us like to think we are immortal – because the notion of anything else is far too daunting.

Lisa shares her journey back to perfect health, after experiencing 2 x stage-four cancer diagnoses, reinventing herself, completing the transformation and receiving the ultimate diagnosis: YOU ARE CURED!

This presentation will touch, move and inspire, taking you beyond hope back to your true purpose – relevant to most groups.

This is about:

  • ​Inspiration and Motivation
  • Resilience & Strength
  • Transformation


  • Health and happiness is all about making powerful choices.
  • Learning the steps to being brave enough to live the life you dream of.
  • How to start playing a bigger game.
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What to expect?

  • An open and honest speaker who knows her craft, has conquered some of life’s greatest challenges and learnt from the world’s best.
  • A Standout shifting the thinking in the room
  • Motivation, inspiration and education all wrapped into one.
  • Take your audience outside their comfort zone.
  • Interactive activities are included in every presentation.
  • Powerful, clear and practical messages that will support your success.
  • Experience: Lisa has presented to 10 –10,000 people at a time through extensive international performances, speaking, television, radio and film.

Presentations can be: 

  • Keynote
  • Busting Out Presentation (Small Presentation)
  • Training Workshop
  • Breakout Session
  • Format available: ​45-60 minute keynote, 1.5 day workshop or 2 hour breakout.

What’s Next?

When you engage Lisa, you are hiring a truly professional speaker.

In order to make the experience as productive and stress free as possible, Lisa sets her standards high: Simple things like returning phone calls and emails while maintaining communication is guaranteed.

Lisa is always as flexible as possible in case of program changes or late requests. This means less hassle for you and a great result for your audience.

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