Have you ever had that moment of clarity when you know you have experienced something profound, one that will change your life forever? I only had to travel to Nepal to get the insight but it was worth every step.

We were setting off on a 10-day trek with a Sherpa guide leading the way. It should come as no surprise that he gave me the single best piece of advice I have ever heard.  At the very start of our journey he said with a stunning authoritative tone,

“Look up.”

So, I did just that, I could see the bright and shiny snow- capped peaks just calling out to me.

“That’s where we are going. Now, I do not want you to look up again” he said.

What! Was he crazy, of course I needed to look up.

“Can’t you see I need to know where I am going?”

With a knowing smile he said,

“No, you don’t,” as he walked ahead.

ARGGGGGGGGGGGHH! My whole body wanted to resist his sage advice as I stumbled trying to keep up. I had no one to lean on, blame, throw passive aggressive rants to… I was responsible for myself 200%.

And so, the adventure began. Over the next 10 days the greatest metaphor for life was laid within every step I made. Every step was a lesson in Mindfulness. If I wasn’t present, (AKA: too busy looking at the bright shiny summit) I would fall. And fall I did. Every step required planning, ensuring I had a backup if things got tough and I was to fall, without rolling down the mountain. The mountain had no mercy, it was up to me to be present and responsible for myself.

My greatest challenge came during the final accent; it was magnificent to look up but I suffered for my choice. My feet were flung from under me as I fell face first down the icy ravine, it continually pinned me as I tried to scramble to my feet. It took this fall for me to finally get it – I couldn’t reach the top if I kept looking up, I had to look where I was going.

With this lesson in hand, I finally reached the summit.  With the afternoon sun beaming through the crystallised air, I walked into a village that was straight out of a Disney Film set.  I am sure I saw blue birds and tinker bell dancing in the snow.

As I sat with the Sherpas, huddled around the open, I reflected on the lessons I was learning, relating it back to my everyday life. I was spending so much time looking up at my goals I wasn’t spending enough time on the day to day processes that will make those goals come to pass. Yes, goals are important and everyone should have them but they can’t be your sole focus. Once your goals are set, it is time to work out what you need to do every day to accomplish them.

It was time for a change, my first step back home was a trip to get new stationary supplies (I don’t know about you but I find new supplies makes it so much easier to plan). I had sheets of cardboard and sticky notes and I literally took all my work goals out of brain and put them on paper. My trusty assistant then stepped in diagrammed it all out and that is where the real fun began. We worked together to create a plan. My calendar was filled with different steps I needed to be working on at certain times. Every day is now mapped out with what I need to do to reach my own personal summit. It has made a huge difference. I may have had to travel to Nepal to figure this out but it was worth it because I found what works for me.

Bring on the lessons in the April 2018 Trek…. I cannot wait to see the majesty of all mountains, Everest.

Would you like to come with us. For more details, check out the link below.


As an Ambassador for the ACCF (Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation) and survivor of this hideous disease, I am setting out to trek once again through the powerful Himalyan ranges….and I would love you to share the experience with me.


We will trek through Sherpa villages to the views of Mount Everest (this is on my bucket list) and help Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF) with a project community day while raising vital funds for ACCF.

This trek introduces you to the villages and culture of the Sherpa people. We take time to explore the colourful markets of Namche Bazaar and the famous Thyangboche monastery – the spiritual heart of the Khumbu region. We follow established trails in the Sagamartha National Park to view many of the world’s highest peaks including the summit of Everest that peers above the 8000m peaks of Lhotse and Nuptse.

In Kathmandu we head to NACCF clinic at Banepa to visit the hospital on monthly clinic day, and work on full day community project. We will spend the day helping to replaster and paint one of the rooms, shoulder to shoulder with the community which is very rewarding.


  • Join me and an ACCF representative to trek in Nepal
  • Project day at the ACCF clinic at Banepa
  • Views of Mount Everest from Thyangboche
  • Sherpa culture
  • Namche Bazaar
  • Thyangboche Monastery
  • Fully supported camping trek( World Expeditions are phenominall)
  • 3 hearty meals a day on trek prepared by our cooks (Outstanding)
  • Ample acclimatisation days built in
  • Himalayan Mountain flight from Kathmandu to Lukla return
  • Celebration dinner in Kathmandu at the conclusion of the challe
  • Life changing moments of clarity
  • Laughter, tears and determination
  • Time to unplug from the world as you know it and refocus
  • Life lessons and the list goes on…………………..

If an adventure like this has been on your bucket list then may I suggest that now is the perfect opportunity to make it happen. 

How? Click on the link and reserve your space on this once in a life time experience.

Heart Of Everest Trek 2018