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The LLB Vocal Studio

Lisa has learnt from the world’s best teachers, and invites you to tap into this wisdom in her Vocal Studio.

  • Do you dream of receiving a standing ovation?
  • Do you know the secret to hitting those high notes every time?
  • Do you want to inspire your audience, every time you sing?
  • Do you wish you had more impact and greater confidence?

Yes? Then The LLB Vocal Studio is your opportunity to find out how, and fast track your vocal performance to the next level of success!

Feel safe and nurtured in The LLB Vocal Studio:  You will be taken seriously, while receiving superior vocal training. With over 20 years of experience as a teacher, performer and presenter, your teacher Lisa Lockland-Bell is a Master Vocal Coach who knows her craft.

You’ll learn more than you can imagine from Lisa’s wealth of experience as a performer, a highly sought after vocal adjudicator, and as master of her own destiny, having conquered some of life’s greatest challenges.


  • 2019 & 2018  TheVoiceAU Grand Finalist – Sheldon Riley

  • Professional Stage Performers

  • 2016 – X-Factor Finalist

Home to…

  • 2018 Comm Games Performer – Luke Harrison

  • Recording artists

  • International singers


Weekly 1:1 Studio Lesson 

Your choice of….

1.  1/2 hr lesson.

2.  3/4 hr lesson.

3.  1 hr lesson.

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Lisa Teaches Globally Via Skype

All in just 3 easy Steps you can….

1.  Book a lesson.

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3.  Connect Via Skype.

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2 Hr Strategy Session

Perfect: Amateurs & Professionals

Career Advice

Performance Preparation

Vocal Analysis

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Lesson Fees

60|45 |30 Min Lessons Available

Opt 1: 1 Hr Weekly Lesson = $140 Inc GST

Opt 2: 10 Pack x 1 Hr Lessons = $135 Inc GST

Opt 3: Consultation Lesson = $250 Inc GST

**Weekly lessons recommended 

I’m ready to sing

What’s your Vocal Style?

  • POP
  • Modern Ballads
  • Inspirational
  • Film Classics
  • Contemporary
  • Jazz
  • Sacred
  • Opera
  • Operetta
  • Musical Theatre

You can be …

  • Any age.
  • A professional or an amateur singer.
  • An amateur singer who wants to become professional.
  • Preparing for vocal exams or tertiary study.
  • Just in love with singing, but have no idea what you are doing.
  • In a choir and want to improve your technique.
  • A professional singer who needs to work on their technique.
  • A parent whose child just LOVESSSSS to sing and is driving you mad wanting singing lessons.
  • A parent who would like their child to stand straight, speak clearly and have more self-confidence.

In the Studio

 Singing is an incredibly intimate art form; you are learning to share your thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs. The value of Lisa’s teaching goes beyond just teaching a good Vocal Technique. You will learn how to overcome mindset blockages, life challenges and negative self-talk, this then allows the physical, emotional and psychological freedom needed to discover your true voice.

Studio Focus:

    • Powerful Vocal Techniques: Tone, phrasing, breath support, posture, interpretation etc.
    • Lisa’s secrets on how to hit the high note every time (HINT: It’s never the high note that is the issue!)
    • Mindset strategies on how to go from good, to great, to world class.
    • The elements of how to impact your audience, from the moment you step on stage.
    • Understand how to deliver your song and effectively connect with your audience.
    • Learn professional stage craft techniques.
    • Understand what is holding your voice back.


The LLB Studio has expanded and is now operating in TWO STUDIO LOCATIONS…

  1. LLB VOCAL STUDIO HQ: Shailer Park, South Brisbane
  3. Available Globally – Onlne
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A trans-formative masterclass?

This is a unique opportunity to work with ‘A Master’ in her field. You are in expert hands as you experience the magic of this lady in her element. Her ability to effectively communicate performance strategies, skill based technique and self-confidence issues has to be seen. It is an up-close and intimate journey of discovery as she meticulously works with each singer, imparting and sharing her craft. You will come away feeling uplifted, informed, inspired, and motivated.