Vocal Workout

$95.00 + GST


With guided instructions set to music, the LLB Vocal Workout Series invites you to understand the resistance and discomfort to using your voice.   The result of choosing either one, two or all of the video training modules, offers the opportunity for you to shed your “earth suit” and step into your “spirit gown”.  Or for those who don’t relate to woo woo hippy language, you can expect to release habitual patterns that no longer serve you while strengthening your physical and internal voice.  The workshop series will give you the tools to guide, enlighten and empower your voice.

Lisa’s Vocal workouts are grounding, joyful and will always meet and include you at the point you show up with. Her warmth and openness will allow you to explore your innate ability to release, to manifest and evolve — in and out of the studio.. She will guide you to meet your potential, and invite you to embrace into your new self. Lisa is renowned for holding a space, guiding you to meet your potential, while supporting you as you settle into your new way of contributing/communicating.

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