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What Do I Do?

As we rapidly head towards 2020, it’s clear that spoken communication is the essential skill required for leaders who are looking to connect and contribute. 

I help you become a Heartfelt Speaker, someone who can go anywhere and feel confident to speak everywhere.


It’s no coincidence that we are meeting today. I have written this program specifically to give you the personal, insightful and practical advice that you are ready for.

I know you have a hunger; a desire to be more, do more and SAY more.  This program has landed on your desk today because you are a leader who yearns to make a deeper impact in the world and you’ve been asking “What’s next?

By learning the steps in this program, you will become a Heartfelt Leader.  A Heartfelt Leader is a compassionate warrior.  You are prepared to be vulnerable,  lead from the heart, stand out in the crowd and speak your truth.

Working together, we will build a foundation for you to have a strong Executive Presence.  

In a safe environment, you will learn the physical and mental techniques needed to make a sustained change to your overall performance.

You will unpack any limiting cutural/self-belief sytems, enabling you to speak freely, build trust and deliver messages that inspire your teams, customers, peers, networks and audiences to take action. I will help you communicate, inspire, motivate and educate clearly and authentically.

​I can assist with delivering keynote presentations, management reports, TV and radio appearances, videos, podcasts and vlogs.

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You might know me as a vocal coach, opera singer, cancer survivor, business owner, ambassador, speaker or mentor. I am also a mother and wife who runs a business and wants to contribute just like you.

The lessons I share with you have not come easy to me.  I have fought for them at great cost and the outcome is the many disciplines that I have discovered throughout my lifetime.  My purpose is to share my secrets, my 20 years of extensive experience in theatre, performance, speaking and sustainable living, to instill confidence and inspire growth within you.

I work with a wide range of clients from solo entrepreneurs to top company executives. In each case, I use my kind, yet firm style to lift your executive presence.

In the last five years alone, I have worked with:

  • Australias Top Female Lawyers
  • Council Executives, CEO’s, Management and Teams.
  • Toastmasters, Speakers and Leaders
  • Doctors, Psychologists and The State Education Department

What’s Next?

My programs are tailored to your individual or organization’s needs, time and budget, please find below a guide to what your program may look like.

I am always happy to have a chat and answer any questions or concerns that you may have, so why not reach out to arrange a complimentary phone call.

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LLB 5th Birthay SPECIAL

90 Minutes for $90

A strategy session that will leave you feeling more confident to speak with impact in every situation.

Online Session

Offer Available: 30th June 2020

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Program 1


8 Session Program

  • 8 x 2 hour private sessions (1 per month)
  • Email support, unlimited during the 8 month program
  • Access to Online Meditation Program
  • This can be face to face, Skype or by phone

Your Investment:

$3950 + GST

I’m ready to get started



Program 2


6 Session Program

  • 6  x 2 Hr Team Session (1 per month) = Workshops
  • 6 x 1 Hr Individual Sessions = Specific Skills Training & Monthly Measures
  • Post Program Individual Reports
  • BONUS: Access to Online Meditation Program
  • Available face to face onsight

Your Investment

Op. 1: $2995 + GST PP (1- 5 PAX)
Op. 2: $2695 + GST PP (5 – 10 PAX)
Op. 2: $2370 + GST PP (10 – 20 PAX)

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Program 3


High Impact Workshop

  • 3- 4 Hour Workshop
  • Onsight

Your Investment

$1695 + GST 

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What others are saying…

Lisa has been my voice coach for around 6 months During this time she has inspired, challenged and mentored me. I initially went to Lisa to overcome some pronunciation challenges after having my teeth crowned but the whole experience has been so much more! Thanks Lisa!

Lisa is an incredibly inspiring vocal coach. Lisa’s eclectic style draws on leading edge research and her knowledge is exceptional. From the few sessions I have had with Lisa I now have the confidence to put my authentic voice and message out to the world. Her charisma is infectious and her support is undeniable. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to get ahead and put their message out to the world to work with Lisa.

Louise Cridland, Psychologist | Trainer | Mediator

“For many years, I’ve struggled with the public speakng thing and Lisa was my last hope.  With her holistic approach, addressing the limitations in my voice and the blockages I had about my voice from negative messges I’d been bombarded with as a young child.  My key takeaways (and there were many) was how to get the best out of my natural voice, and how important it is for my voice to connect to the emotion of the story/experience I’m sharing.  These two things helped any blocks I had melt away.”

Gianna Di Bella, De Bella Enterprises - Brisbane

“Lisa is a talented coach who understands the importance of mindset, technique and content in supporting her clients to become great speakers.  She teaches from research and her own considerable experience.  Her comprehensive coaching addresses many aspects of a great presentation.  Highly recommended”.

Ursula Hogben, Founder of Legal Vision - Sydney

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I am here to help you feel confident and connect with all aspects of your mind, body and spirit.

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“What you say is your business, how you say it, is my business.”