Have you heard of it? Telephonophobia!

It’s a real thing… All you have to do is pick up the phone and start the conversations, develop the customer relationships and lead your team toward a multi-million dollar Real Estate Empire…. BUT, you have a fear of making the cold call, AKA Telephonophobia.

Telephonophobia does NOT mean that you have a problem speaking to people face to face. In fact, a lot of people with this phobia do in fact love face to face interaction. Then why is the phone so scary?

When speaking to a customer directly, you can pick up on their body language, facial expression and eye movements. On the phone, everything relies on your voice.  The voice that you may not like or trust.

Even worse, Telephonophobia is a compounding problem. The more stressed you become while trying to overcome this phobia, the more your shoulders, neck and body lock up. The more they lock up, the more your voice is restricted, sending you into a vortex of pure frustration.

If you do have Telephonophobia, please know you are not alone. It is an extremely common problem that can present anywhere from a mild to extreme case.

There are many reasons why you may have developed this condition.

  • You may have been abused over the phone during a cold call.
  • You have been fired over the phone.
  • You have been given a bad medical diagnosis over the phone.
  • You hate the sound of your own voice.
  • Someone, perhaps a parent, has told you your phone manner is appalling.

What may happen to your voice with this condition?

  • The voice is shackled.
  • You develop a monotone drawl: portraying you as boring and inflexible.
  • Perhaps you start laughing like a hyena, at something that is not even funny!

There is good news:  With the right combination of thoughts, physical actions and vocal techniques, your Telephonophobia will be a distant memory.

Some of the Telephonphobia symptoms are:

  • A feeling of being:
    • Useless
    • Aggravated
  • A negative mind set:
    • Hating the sound of your voice.
    • Worried about what the other person will think of you.
  • Physical reactions
    • Speaking excessively fast
    • High pitched insecure tone etc.

Strategies towards making the cold calls

  1. Start with some deep breathing.
  2. Record the conversation – Listen to your Tones, Inflections and Nuances and make adjustments as needed.
  3. Put yourself into a very safe and familiar environment to make the calls. Monitor when you are feeling confident. Perhaps after a morning meeting, training session, or meditation. Use this positive energy to hurdle, duck-dive or soar over the communication barrier.
  4. Start by making easy calls to people you know.
  5. Then build to the second level leads.
  6. Finally, the big ones – the COLD CALLS!

Each successive call will give you the opportunity to gain confidence.

  1. STOP! Trying to be perfect.

Last month in one of my coaching sessions, my client was beside herself with Telephonphobia. Her Real Estate career was being severely compromised and she was even considering changing career paths. Unfortunately, even with a change in career, this problem would have followed her.

We started by identifying the root cause behind the fear. Understanding when and why the problem began and then worked on specific skill-based vocal techniques and strategies to build up her confidence. Now, for her, this problem is a distant memory.