That was so January 2020! 

A flippant passing comment from a client this week. How true is that?  We went from a national bushfire catastrophe, to floods and then the RONA and it all feels soooo long ago.

As our conversation continued, we unpacked what we feel POST RONA is going to look like.  Already companies are realising that they can operate remotely.  The post materialistic era has officially kicked off and we, the community understand that health, love and happiness are all that really matters.

But then I started to think about your voice. How is it going to sound? As the world adapted to the compulsory online system, did it suddenly hit you that your voice is integral to the future model of your business?

I know many of us are spending more than eight hours a day listening to the echo of our voices through the laptop headset.  How does that feel for you? Do you like what you hear?  Or are there whispers of your past that are making you cringe? Are there tones that remind you of your childhood suffering?  Or are you surprised to hear that your voice does not quite match the height of your professional profile?

We all have the opportunity to change the story of how our voices will represent us as we head into what I am calling this centuries “ROARING 20’s”.

Firstly, we can take responsibility for how we make people feel with the tone of our voice.  While it may feel trivial to you, the tone that you set in every conversation can provide the hope and trust that others need in this dark time.

I wanted to leave you a couple of tips on how to lighten people’s day with your dulcet tones:

  1. Set the intention: How do you want the people to feel? Safe, inspired, trustworthy….Your voice with follow your lead, but you need to set the direction.
  2. Get out of your head: Your breath reflects the brain and visa versa. To speak in full fluid sentences, you need to get out of your head and connected to your breath.
  3. Have fun: Before you jump on the call do something that you LOVE! This lifts the partials in your voice making you infectious and fun to listen to.

Remember the old saying: People won’t remember what you said or did.  They will remember how you made them feel!

Give people a reason to trust you, believe in and feel safe with you.  Try it and let me know how you go.

Interested in learning more tips? Download your PDF here