There is artistry in being a good speaker | presenter, and as with any discipline, this skill grows and improves with practice.

Speakers who have spent time fine tuning their instrument, have gone from being an OK Speaker, to a Great Speaker in 9 months and an Elite Speaker within 12.

As a leader in your field, developing your ability to speak with confidence will help direct your world towards a brighter future.

The five qualities of being a good Presenter | Speaker

1. Knowledge of the subject: 

You have spent years to achieve your position and experience, I assume you know a thing or two about your industry and you are now keen to share your knowledge and experience with others. You should have a deep understanding of the topic, meaning you know it inside out. You are clear on the all the stat’s, know the pit falls and have strategies to move forward. It’s time to get that information out of your head. Get confident and let your voice inspire your world.

2. A strong voice that matches your professional profile: 

Ensure your voice is supporting your position. You have spent lots of time and money educating yourself in what you do. Don’t assume that just because you can string a sentence together, that your body automatically knows how to deliver a killer presentation. Ensure you now spend the time developing your new skill of presenting. It is a skill and it does take time. With a strong foundation filled with vocal skills, breathing techniques, tips on timing and strategies on how to get out of your head, you will build your confidence and inspire your audience into action.

3. The ability to present the material in a clear and compelling manner: 

When you prepare your presentation, pitch or reports please KEEP IT SIMPLE. Make the presentation flow in alignment with your natural speech and thought patterns. The biggest mistake you can make is to get too FANCY. Don’t produce a presentation that leaves your personality at the door. Let your words express the wisdom of your experience.

4. The ability to apply the material: 

This means being able to answer your listeners questions, by sifting through the material in your mind and selecting the most appropriate piece of information. This eliminates the fear of sounding stupid and becomes easier with time and practice. Confidently welcome all questions.

5. Speaking Confidently: 

Give your audience a reason to listen.  Always focus on how you want the listener to feel when you have left the room. Even if you are delivering difficult, bad or sad news, if you’re confident, you use the right inflections and pace yourself well, there’s a very good chance your listener will responds positively.

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