The Forgotten Key To Property Listings

No more excuses! If you believe the reason you are not closing the deal is outside of your control, it may be time to think again!

• Impossible conversations? No MORE!
• Scared of being a just another Realtor? NOT POSSIBLE!
• Difficulty Influencing? IN THE PAST!
• Need More Confidence? NO PROBLEM!
• Communication meltdowns! NEVER!

Let’s face it. To be a successful Realtor you must have a degree in psychology, actually a degree in law would also help. But don’t stop there, you will also need qualifications in counselling, marketing, strategic planning and negotiation tactics. You’ll need to know how to translate the movement in the market, be well versed in finance, know how to prospect and the list goes on… I bet some days it feels like you are a jack of all trades and, to top it all off, you must be a kick ass communicator.

Whether your clients are buying or selling, in most cases the process is highly emotional. The one thing that they want to be assured of is that they can trust you. Human beings want to trust, feel like they are understood and valued without being in a constant state of fight or flight. This very human desire creates a void within the individual and is your opportunity to break through the door of resistance.


Step 1: In order to fast-track the relationship with your client, it is imperative that you identify how your client prefers to interact and follow that method. Are they introvert or extrovert? Are they highly sensitive or desperate for you to listen to their values? Do they need you to understand what their goals are within the transaction?

Step 2: Once you have identified how they like to communicate, it is then up to you to align yourself with their vibration. Oh, there you go, I said “vibration”. No, we are not going to start talking unicorns and rainbows. We are actually about to talk about science. Ok, are you breathing again?

When most people talk about effective or authentic (yep another one of those words!) communication, they talk about methods like:

• Give them the impression that you’re enthusiastic about talking to them
• Show them approval: Tell them what you admire about them and why.
• Give the impression that you are on the same team.
• Flatter by saying their name in a way that is pleasing to their ears

I don’t know about you, but for me this implies that you have the option of trying to FOOL your clients into believing you. Certainly in my experience with Realtors this sales tactic is IMPOSSIBLE.

Step 3: So here’s, why. Imagine you are standing on a train platform and you can FEEL the train start to rumble towards the station. As the train enters the station and rushes past the platform the Vibration travels through to the core of your body. If you did not want to see the train you would close your eyes. If you do not want to hear the train, you cannot close your ears and ignore the vibration. Even if you could close your ears, you will still feel the vibration as the sound waves pass through your body.

When you speak you are creating a similar response. You are igniting a physical action, creating a vibration that resonates within your body, passing through your articulators and leaving your mouth. Once that vibration has left your mouth you have NO control over it. That sound then travels through the air and lands on your listener’s ears and body. They then translate the information through means of a sympathetic vibration.
It’s here that one of two things will happen. You will create either a pleasant or an unpleasant experience. If it is a pleasant experience the client will recognise you as like-minded, trustworthy and someone they want to be around. If it is an unpleasant experience, the customer will usually walk away with the comment “there is just something I do not like about them”. You of course are left wondering what you did wrong?

How do you know how your Vocal Image is being perceived? It’s easy.

Do you have the client figures that you would like to have? No! then maybe your voice is scaring people away.

Step 4: Controlling your voice, knowing how it works, where it’s boundaries are and how to align your intention with your client’s desires is a skill. With this skill you will unlock the door of resistance and have access to a far deeper and long term relationship with your client. Today’s community are incredibly savvy at identifying when they are being told BS. So, don’t try it. The good news is that your sales, your relationships and your bottom line are totally within your control, it’s not Rocket Science.

Your Vibration is as unique as your DNA. When I work with clients, I diagnose and give specific exercises that will help overcome communication issues. Sadly, treatment without diagnosis is malpractice, so it is very hard to give advice if I do not know where your challenges may lie.

What I can tell you though, is that when your attention and intention are in alignment with the outcome you desire, you get incredible results. Full disclosure, internally and externally are the ONLY way to develop strong relationships. This will help avoid any room for misinterpretation through vibration.
Escalate your property listings. Move beyond the status quo.

Understand how your most valuable communication tool works. Get intimate with it and take control of your VOICE.