As most of my clients know, you will walk away from our first session together Abuzz with new strategies, techniques and a whole new world of possibility. You may never fully understand the process, but you will always be inspired, having finally found someone that can understand you and who is able to get you to where you want to be.

This means that my clients are usually forward thinking, very creative, high functioning characters that understand change comes when they get outside their comfort zone. Being vulnerable does not come easily to most human beings because it means you need to take a leap of faith and trust the process.

This has never been as obvious as it was last week while working in Sydney. Just to fill you in first though, the universe has recently decided that I need to work within the law industry. How? By presenting a new ‘legal’ opportunity every day for the past month.

I have always been fascinated with the creative and practical balance within the character of most lawyers. And it’s a bonus that most lawyers need to use their voices to impact and influence. It’ a match made in heaven.

Truly excited to walk into the reception of a firm. With my heart palpitating, it felt like I was walking onto the set of a complicated opera and I immediately assumed a diagnostic mindset: Closing my eyes to focus on the multiple vocal tones swirling around the ‘new world’ open office space. There were no specific words, just a buzz of muted tones. Muted tones that immediately raised a red flag.

My appointment was to meet with one of the senior lawyers who was struggling with vocal fatigue, losing the ability to maintain a consistent tone. Her husky tired voice was immediately met with the question.

Do you work in this space? The answer was yes!

Ok, this is a problem.

To constantly whisper or speak with muted tones, causes the vocal cords to squeeze together tightly, reducing their ability to vibrate as they would in normal speech patterns.

The US National Library of Medicine says whispering causes more trauma to the larynx than normal speech. They go on to say that after studying 100 patients who had voice complaints, they demonstrated an increased supraglottal hyperfunction with whispered voice.

If your habit is to speak in muted tones then your normal speaking voice will become fatigued and weak, disabling your ability to maintain control let alone impact and influence. And as if that is not enough, whispering also makes it difficult for the listener to identify certain words because the consonants within the words get lost which only compounds the ongoing list of problems

What is the answer?  6 x Vocal Boot Camp sessions including:

  • Diagnostic evaluation of the firm, identifying how many people are suffering with vocal issues.
  • Release secondary tension in the upper torso, neck and jaw.
  • Vocal Rebuild – Breathing | Strength & Stamina | New Muscle Memory Patterns

My trip to Sydney was a timely reminder of the importance to get out into the field with my ear “literally” to the ground. I am so keen to find out if this is a problem in other firms and companies. Does your firm have an open plan office space? Do your staff constantly sound like they have just come off the back of a hard night on the town?

As you can tell I am obsessed with the human voice and love, love, love to find new and innovative ways for companies to impact and influence with their voice.

Because I know you simply must be heard!