The Voice Of The Heart

The greatest joy in life is the sound of love. I cannot remember a day that I have not fallen in love again, on some deeper level.

  • The gentle pulse of music in your heart.
  • The delicious squeals of children’s laughter.
  • The spinetingling impact of your lover’s lament.
  • The triumphant rapture of a special moment.
  • The affirming words of unconditional love.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you really connect? How does the sound of love travel straight from your heart into the heart of your listener?

Many years ago, when I wanted to know how a person was really feeling, I found myself closing my eyes, dropping my head, while tilting my right ear forward. I thought I was going deaf in my left ear so, being inquisitive, I started poking around looking for answers.

According to science: The emotional content of your language sits in the upper partials of the voice. The reason you listen to someone speaking with your right ear is because it connects to the left hemisphere of your brain, which is where emotion is processed.

While listening with the right ear, your brain is searching for the upper partials in the speaker’s voice; trying to understand the emotional content of what they are saying.

In short: The upper partials colour your voice with the frequencies that transmit emotions straight to your listeners heart.

Therefore, if you tend to speak without vocal flexibility, it makes it almost impossible to make an emotional connection with your listener, unless, of course they are looking at you for other emotional cues.

This particular revelation was confirmed in my studio recently when a new client explained their inability to process emotions. The only way they understand how someone is feeling is by looking at them, aligning their facial and body expressions with the context of what they are speaking about.

The key element to this story that my client failed to mention, was that they are deaf in the right ear! With this information, we were able to diagnose the reason they were unable to process emotional content. A light bulb moment indeed.

What is an upper partial?

The upper partials are just the upper layer of the voice. A strong voice has three layers. upper, middle and lower. What I have found, is that as adults become more engrained in the stresses of everyday life, the joy, the “Joi de vivre” (exultation of spirit) tends to leave the voice, taking these sweet, delicious upper partials with them.

How do you access the upper partials?

The easiest way, is to have fun! When was the last time you had good clean fun? Think about it: When you have fun, the voice comes to life and you become infectious, bringing joy and love to all those that surround you.

In my studio, your real change happens by having fun in a safe nurturing environment. Giving permission to executive clients to have fun seems simplistic, but sometimes they need a gentle reminder that the simple things make the deepest impact.

When you feel safe and supported you can express yourself freely without fear or filters. Heartfelt communication is beautiful, powerful and damn sexy. When you leave the LLB Studio, you take this experience and new skill with you, to further explore true self-expression.

The sound of love is a real heart to heart connection.