Let’s stop and talk about the woman’s voice for a minute. You probably already know every woman has two different types of voices. The physical and the non-physical or the internal GUT voice as some people like to call it. Now there is also that pesky scumbag (intruder) voice that prattles on incessantly, but I am deliberately choosing not to pay any attention to it today.

After 25+ years of training women on how to speak up and be heard, I started to notice a pattern. Women are way to focused on what they think they should say, rather than how they are going to say it. A practice that leaves the female speaker feeling weak, vulnerable, and worst of all misunderstood. As a woman, when the voice is not physically capable of supporting your quest to make a deeper impact, it leaves the listener feeling unsure as to whether you are not strong enough for the job at hand. The female voice is a complex instrument.

One that can be affected by a range of different issues including: Unbalanced hormones, emotional trauma, medication, thyroid issues, physical strength, breathing, aging and so on… The good news is, that once you have balanced any medical issues the voice is just another muscle like any other in your body that it need to workout. The old phrase “use it or you’ll lose it” best describe the voice. Think of it this way, just because we walk around all day, does not necessarily mean that we are fit. The same goes for the voice, just because we speak, does not mean the voice is ready to respond to your every command.

Essentially, we need to take the voice to the gym. The Voice Straw Store is the perfect answer to all your vocal needs and I highly recommend all my ladies grab a set of straws (dumb bells) to whip those vocal cords into shape. Then we have the internal voice, the one that we tend to lose or disconnect from as we get older. This could be caused from a multitude of scenarios like childhood conditioning to taunting or trauma.

In my opinion this is that harder of the two voices to strengthen. One of the first processes I use to plug back into this voice is through meditation. Spending time every day identifying who you are beyond your experiences. Deep diving into what you really want without prejudice and identifying what your dharma or higher purpose is. No matter what the cause both your physical and internal voices need to work together. This is where you gain the confidence to speak across all platforms.