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Your voice is your legacy. Are you ready to ensure you are heard?

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Let’s identify where you are on the pyramid of vocal power in comparison to where you aspire to be.


Congratulations! You are already making an impact in the world.
Time to strengthen your ability to present that powerful KEYNOTE from the big stage


You’re already pretty confident:
You need more skills and technique to make sure your voice supports you as you present to the outside world.


A great place to be is in the middle:
You are feeling brave, but do not know where to start.


You are feeling nervous to tell the world what you really think.
This is where most people sit.


You feel invisible; as if you are never being heard?
The thought of speaking keeps you awake at night.

How Can I Move Up The Pyramid?

I create a fusion of Science | Mindset | Technique | Skills | Self Belief  specific to your needs that allows you to be heard and make an impact every single time.


Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, auctioneer or professional speaker, you understand that your voice needs to support you every day. Let’s position you as the leader in your field, together we will make you a great speaker.


It may not fit your job description, but being able to network, give five minute presentations, regular videos and interviews are becoming the new norm.   Let’s make sure your teams voice is in alignment with your businesses professional profile.

Professional Services

Even though public speaking skills are certainly not taught in practice as a doctor, lawyer, accountant, politician etc:  It is clear that so much more comes with actual experience. Together we will train your voice and show you your true potential when your voice is unlocked.

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Talk to Lisa about your specific needs, budget and time frame.

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Lisa’s Guarantee

As a Vocal Coach, I want you to feel you are in safe hands and have an experience that is transforming, professional and fun.  I will listen to your objectives, and customise my work to meet those goals, ensuring that from start to finish, we work together to surpass your expectations.

I know working with a vocal coach will take you way outside your comfort zone: challenging you on a whole new level. I have worked with hundreds of clients and understand the challenges you will take on this journey of self-development.  Adding thirty years of experience to the value of your personal brand is a part of my service to you.

I will develop a program specifically for you.  All coaching will be private and confidential, in a safe and productive environment.  If for any reason, I fail to deliver a coaching session that is not agreed upon, you will receive a full refund.

Remember – Speaking is the fastest way to elevate your professional profile, increase sales and strengthen your relationships.

Hear what others are saying…

Working with Lisa has been life-changing. When I started working with her to rehabilitate my voice after a vocal injury, I never thought that we would be working on such a deep level, both emotionally, spiritually, mentally, as well as physically. Her intuitive and holistic style encourages you to dig deeper to uncover the blocks that get in the way of the real, authentic you.  I’m SO grateful for having met her and for saying YES! If you are looking to become a better speaker, presenter or singer, look no further….Lisa is the real deal, she offers so much value, much more than you can imagine!

Monique Svazlian Tallon CPCC, ACC, Womens Leadership and Inclusions Expert Los Angeles

Lisa connected with me at heart level. She shares many of my passions including speaking the truth and making a difference by effective communication. She is an excellent coach who can guide you back to your path when you deviate.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa as a voice coach, mentor, a key note speaker and a communication expert.

Sophie Sepali Jayamaha, Specialist in Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine

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Successful Partners

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