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What Do I Do?

I help people be a reflection of the potential that lies within us all.
I want you to feel confident and speak with gravitas in every situation.


I give personal, insightful and practical advice to support your success. 

Imagine being able to use your VOICE to invoke a standing ovation…to impact, inspire and to confidently tell the world WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU’RE HERE TO DO, without any level of self doubt or force?

Together we will build a strong foundation from the inside out.  

You will learn the  physical and mental techniques needed to move from good, to great, to ELITE.

You will speak with gravitas, build trust and deliver messages that inspire your audience to take action. I help you to communicate clearly and authentically, to listen and negotiate effectively, and to build relationships.

​I also, assist with delivering key note presentations, management reports, TV and radio appearances, videos, podcasts and vlogs. I work with individuals, small groups and in workshops.

I provide one on one coaching, training sessions and tailored programs.


I’ve had a 20 year career as an opera singer, recording artist and international performer. Now, I focus my time working with an extraordinary group of successful and talented people who are known as, Elite Performers: CEOs, leaders, sales people, negotiators ​and entrepreneurs.

They have come into the LLB Studio to help lift their professional performance to the next level. The breakthroughs that I have seen, has validated my belief that greatness is within us all.  Sometimes it just takes a safe and nurturing environment to access the power and let it shine.

After studying the physiological and psychological requirements for vocal success, one thing has become clear: Every one of us wants to be heard. No matter the platform: be it Speaker, CEO, Entrepreneur, Business Professional or Singer; making a deeper human connection matters.

What others are saying…

Lisa is truly amazing! A master at her craft, Lisa brings out the very best in her clients, plus so much more. I have learned many valuable lessons under Lisa’s tutelage and highly recommend her to anyone wanting to take their voice to the next level. It’s an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Lisa has been my voice coach for around 6 months During this time she has inspired, challenged and mentored me. I initially went to Lisa to overcome some pronunciation challenges after having my teeth crowned but the whole experience has been so much more! Thanks Lisa!

Lisa is an incredibly inspiring vocal coach. Lisa’s eclectic style draws on leading edge research and her knowledge is exceptional. From the few sessions I have had with Lisa I now have the confidence to put my authentic voice and message out to the world. Her charisma is infectious and her support is undeniable. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to get ahead and put their message out to the world to work with Lisa.

Louise Cridland, Psychologist | Trainer | Mediator

Lisa has been an exceptional vocal coach and mentor. In the months we have been working together, she has opened up my awareness and curiosity of the impact of the human voice. Lisa has been integral in my transition into a senior management role, providing me with the tools and self awareness necessary to ensure that my message is delivered and received with the intended purpose in order to procure the intended outcome. Her sincerity and passion for her work has made my experience with Lisa thoroughly educational and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who wishes to develop and enhance their impact, whether it be in the boardroom or in every day life.

Anna-Athanasia Dervenis, Head of Legal Brookfield Properties Australia

Inspirare: Breathe | Inspire | Impact

THE perfect group to build your CONFIDENCE, SPEAK with GRAVITAS, reconnect with your VOICE and move beyond your fears.

You deserve to be heard in 2019.  Your people are depending on you to inspire and impact every time you enter the room. We’ve got you!

The Inspirare (Inspired) Speakers Group has grown out of individual clients needing a SAFE place to practice their new skills: Delivering pitches, reports, presentations, media interviews and networking skills to an audience that is safe and nurturing.

What is it?

The Inspirare Speakers is an Exclusive, structured group focused on developing your confidence to speak with impact in every situation.


The intention of the group is to develop strong public speaking, networking, leadership, management, team training and media skills.

Who can join? 

Each Inspired Speaker must fall into one of two categories:

1.  LLB Vocal Studio Members : An LLB Vocal Studio Member is a client that is currently completing or has previously completed an LLB Training Program.

2.  Special Guests: Pre-qualified visitors and friends of the LLB Studio.

(Note: To keep this a safe, nurturing environment, this group will not be open to the general public).


Here’s what you get:

  • Lisa Lockland-Bell’s 30 years of skill based training and real-life experience.
  • An Incredible Monthly GUEST SPEAKER.
  • Connect with a group of like minded professionals all focused on the same thing: To develop strong public speaking, networking, leadership, management, team training and media skills.
  • A workshop environment that is interactive and designed to evoke change.
  • Tips and conversations on how to develop a strong voice.
  • The unfair advantage of understanding the MICRO-DETAILS to delivering from the stage.
  • Food and Drink.
  • SAFE, clean and private work space.

If you’re wanting to expand your professional development in 2019, collaborate and work with other local community influencers, learn the skills you need to take your business to the next level or simply be inspiration for your next project then please join us.


  • Second Monday of every month
  • 6.00pm – 8.30 pm
  • Urban Jungle Studio, Newstead, Brisbane


  • Third Thursday of every Month
  • 6.00pm – 8.30 pm
  • Sydney CBD
Join Brisbane
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What’s Next?

Lisa’s engaging programs are tailored to your individual or organization’s needs, time and budget. Her practical, skill based and entertaining training sessions will impact the confidence and growth of your business.  Lisa is available for keynotes, lunch and learn sessions, half and full day workshops, as well as multi-day training.  Click below for a list of Lisa’s programs. 

Download Lisa’s Program Brochure

Program 1 – Influence & Empower Program

This program is designed to meet your elite performance goals while supporting your professional profile and job description.  

Suitable for management, individual professionals, CEO’s and business leaders.

Focus Outcomes:

  • Perform From An Elite Level.
  • Feel a stronger connection and union with your people.
  • Be individually and collectively equipped to speak with gravitas. 
  • Be a reflection of the potential that lies within us all. 
  • Energetically connect your message with your voice.
  • Reconnect with the voice you were born with.
  • Discover your leadership voice: Inspire, motivate and influence
  • Become a master of your vocal energy.
  • Develop a voice that empowers others.

This program will grow with you, build empowered voices and deliver beyond the results you are looking for.

Program Structure: Delivered over either 8 x 2 Hour intensive sessions.

**Please Note: Shorter intensive programs are available upon request. 

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Program 2 – Executive Team

Corporations | Associations | Government & Education | Women Groups 

A program designed to take your team to the next level: STANDOUT!

  • Transformation: Changing behaviour and hard-wiring around communication.
  • Confidence: Conveying a message, report or instruction effectively.
  • Elite performance: Ensuring your voice supports your professional profile.
  • Barrier to Entry:  Lifting your team to the next level of professional development.
  • Networking and meetings: Removing the barriers to faster, stronger relationships.
  • Leadership and management: Inspire, motivate and influence with your voice.

This program will grow with you, build empowered voices and deliver beyond the results you are looking for.

Program Structure: Delivered over either 3 | 6 | 9 x 2-hour intensive sessions.

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Program 3 – High Impact Workshop

High impact workshops: This 3D approach is an opportunity to spend time with Lisa and fast track your current situation/need (s).

  • 90 min
  • 1/2 Day
  • Full Day

Let’s do it:

  1. Deconstruct: Deep Dive into the specifics of what you need. 
  2. Restructure: Implement strategic techniques ready for immediate action. 
  3. Delivery: Develop the capacity to be seen, heard and felt by others.
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90 Minutes Of Power

A 90 minute, fast paced strategy session that will leave you feeling more confident to speak with impact in every situation.

Together we will focus on the key element to moving you forward and power up your greatness.

This session is delivered on Skype only, so you don’t even have to leave the office.  Great Value at $295

Next Step…

  • Book HERE for a 15 minute pre qualify phone call with Lisa.
Pre-Qualify HERE

Let’s Take The First Step Together

Take a quick glance at the Pyramid Of Vocal Power below. 

If I asked you to do a 10 minute presentation tomorrow, where would you rate your confidence?

  • Invincible: Congratulations! You are already making an impact in the world: Time to strengthen your physical voice.
  • Empowered: You’re already pretty confident: Let’s discover the skills and technique to ensure your voice is supporting you.
  • Brave: A great place to be is in the middle: Are you feeling brave, but do not know where to start?  I have the answers for you. 
  • Nervous: The thought of telling the world what you really think is terrifying: Do not worry, this is how most people feel.
  • Invisible: You feel invisible; as if you are never being heard? I was here once, let me help you move beyond this crippling space. 

 How Can You Move Up The Pyramid?

Each program is specifically designed for you and your needs.  Whether you are a CEO, Executive, Doctor, Politician, Lawyer, Business Person or Entrepreneur : with a combined fusion of Science | Mindset | Vocal Technique | Performance Skills | Self Belief,  we will ensure you feel empowered the every time you speak.


Download your copy of the Vocal Pyramid

Let’s Connect

I am here to help you feel confident and speak with impact in every situation.

Fill your details below and let me know if your voice is stopping you from getting to the next level in your career or you just need some polishing.