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Executive Team Program

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I believe that HR, Training & Development, Diversity Teams etc is one of the hardest jobs and I appreciate you considering my services. I love the challenge of working with within the corporate market. I am excited to announce that after five years of research, I have created a program that is ready for your team. The program has been described as “Next Level Training”.  Perfect for your executives to step outside of their comfort zone into the corridors of opportunity.

The Goal

To develop a strong “Vocal Culture” which will strengthen your “Corporate Culture”.

This Vocal Coaching package is a guide to what Lisa will specifically design for your company.  There is no “one size fits all” package available. Lisa understands that your business, vision and mission may be completely different to the next company. So please use this package as an introduction to what is possible.

Executive Team

Training Programs may include but are not limited to:

  • Silver – 1/2 day

  • Gold – Full day

  • Platinum – Long Term Training

 Lisa will create a program for YOUR company and industry requirements.

The program is broken into 6  x 1/2 Day Training Sessions: Specifically created to maximise positioning, impact and presentation skills:

  1. Speaking Deep Dive: Overcoming nerves by understanding what you are doing.
    • Sixty-second elevator pitch
  2. Projecting A Great First Impressions: Become fearless.  Understand the science of consistently projecting your voice in any situationSupported with strong Vocal Techniques.
    • 1:1 Communication
  3. Produce A Voice That Supports Your Professional Profile: A work shop supported by Vocal Strength | Stamina | Flexibility
    • Presenting to teams/groups
  4. Learn How To Communicate Across The Airwaves: Teleconferences, Video, Podcasts, Radio and Social Media and all a part of the modern world.  Learn how to modulate your voice safely, ensuring that you make the same impact as if you are standing in front of your listener.
  5. Create An Empowered Experience: Learn how to expand and contract your voice by using the power of  Nuances | Balance | Inflections.
    • Story telling
  6. Being Heard: Impact and Influence from the big stage.
    • Large presentation skills

Are you ready to take your team to the next level?  There are four concepts that guarantee a strong vocal culture within your business.

  1. Effective communication.
  2. Vocal stamina.
  3. A consistent and confident tone that matches your professional profile.
  4. A team focused on a leaving a vocal legacy behind.

As a Vocal Coach Lisa will deliver a simple and clear framework with the tools, techniques and strategies for your team to have complete control and confidence over all your companies communication needs.

Change results one tone at a time.

Sessions: Onsite.

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What others are saying:

"Lisa Lockland-Bell made an impact at our Toastmasters District 69 - 45th Annual Conference - delivering both an inspirational and educational keynote session rolled into one. Lisa not only left our delegates with goose bumps, she also left them with expanded knowledge on how to improve the power of their voice. Further to this Lisa imparted practical techniques to apply - with more than 200 delegates up on their feet several times applying the learnings. Our delegates further enjoyed the advanced technology that Lisa incorporated in the session, and which delegates could interact within the room. Conference Evaluation forms submitted on the 3-day event, consistently regarded Lisa a highlight, and further complimented the personal time she gave during breaks to speak with many one-on-one. Lisa certainly delivered on our conference theme, and "Made a Splash In Our World" at the 45th Annual Conference".

Toastmasters District 69

I found Lisa to be a very approachable and helpful coach. Lisa's approach is very pragmatic which helped to remove the issues that were causing a block. Lisa has a flexible style which allows her to adapt to the needs of the individual rather than following a tried and tested format. She is very personable which enables you to open up and go deeper than one normally would. I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa.

Julie Spring - HR Director - Executive Coach

Lisa Lockland-Bell is an expert in her craft. Communication. Voice. Engagement. Impact. In my 20+ years of business, leadership and executive training across multinationals, SMEs and Not-For-Profits, I had never before experienced the personal and professional development that Lisa Lockland-Bell facilitated through the Vocal Giants program. The Vocal Giants program had an immediate and tangible impact on how I engage my teams, my clients and my audience. The practical knowledge, techniques, and masterful coaching learnt throughout the workshop, shaped not only what I say, but how I say it - from crafting a more engaging message, to delivering it with a more controlled and powerful voice, as well as effectively using a microphone with confidence.

Carolyn Shaw - Action Leadership - HR and OD Professional

For many years, I've struggled with the public speaking thing. Lisa, was my last attempt at breaking through this block I had around speaking in public. Lisa had a holistic approach, not just addressing the limitations in my voice but also the blockages I had about my voice from negative messages I'd been bombarded with as a young child. Lisa worked with me with a very patient, caring and supportive approach, providing a safe zone and encouragement every step of the way. While I have a long way to go before I would call myself a public speaker, my progress and development has been tremendous, culminating into a presentation in front of 200 people, which was both inspiring and uplifting for the audience based on their feedback.

Gianna Di Bella - Director at Di Bella Coffee