Are you a lawyer, a teacher, a CEO, a coach, a leader, an entrepreneur or a speaker?  Do you work in sales, a courtroom or a corporation? Do you teach, lead, inspire, educate or motivate? Are you an auctioneer, flight attendant, barrister or doctor? I am sure you will agree these are all very different jobs, but the one thing they all have in common is TALKING, sometimes a little, usually a lot.

If we move beyond the sheer load and impact you are putting on your voice everyday, it is clear that if you have a talking job, you want to be at your best. This feeling motivates you to make the effort, which can result in using your voice artificially as you try to crank up the energy for the pitch or meeting. To maintain this heightened state for days, weeks and months can add considerable strain to your voice, limiting your ability to project, impact and influence.

Unfortunately, there are very few people in vocally demanding roles that have any more than a basic understanding of how their voice works. This is part of my job as a vocal coach. I need to assess two things:

  1. What role does your voice need to support and does your voice currently match the professional profile?
  2. Just how vocally fit does your voice need to be and then introduce strategies to maintain a voice in peak condition.


Last week, I had a conversation with Jennifer, a young lawyer who was going for a partnership position within her firm. She was delighted at the opportunity, but nervous to deliver a presentation that needed to convince the partners why they should take her on board.  Jennifer had problems with self-belief, causing her to speak with questioning tones, her delivery was not concise, used to many filler words (ums, ahs, so, like) and her demeanor was very timid. So, you can imagine how nervous this presentation made her. It was then that I discussed strengthening and positioning with her.

If you want to position yourself as a partner in a firm, you need to have the voice that reflects that.  Every part of your being needs to be congruent with this superior role.  Your vocal impact is minimal if your voice doesn’t match your personality, drive, creativity, values and energy. Impact only works when all parts of your being are traveling in the same direction.


Take a look at the Vocal Pyramid above. Believe it or not, when it comes to having confidence to speak in public, most people sit at the bottom of the Pyramid (I have had one person who admitted to being underneath the pyramid! ) feeling invisible and nervous. Very few people feel empowered or invincible.

The reason you don’t feel empowered is you just don’t have the necessary skills and haven’t been trained. Now this isn’t your fault, the training simply may not have been available. But for you to continue to feel invisible or nervous all the time is almost criminal (Which is why I do what I do).

The young lady I met went through my vocal training program. The more she learnt about her voice and trained it, the more secure she became within herself and her ability to position herself within her workforce.

Where do you sit on the Vocal Triangle? I would be really keen to hear your results.  If you would like to work your way to the top of the pyramid and maintain that confidence,  you may be interested to see my six session program layout. Click here to download a copy of the program layout or click here to book a free 15-minute phone consultation to learn how you can go from being invisible to invincible.