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Want to go even deeper? There are many gadgets, tools, tonics and retreats available on the market today to help nurture and develop your vocal power.    These products are some of my favourite tools to use in the studio. I have put this page together to help support your ongoing vocal and personal growth.

You can buy these products through the direct LINKS I have provided or you may find some of them down at your local health food store, chemist or department store. It’s always best vocal practice to take the time to use these products throughout your vocal development, before your presentation or performance.

The Warm Up

#1 Top Pick: The Voice Straw

Anyone who has stepped foot into my studio know that at some stage they are going to do straw work.  I was really excited to find The Voice Straw in a recent online voice forum. These straws are stainless steel, reusable and they come in different sizes, which is great support your developing voice.  The sweetest element to this pack is the added cup component: You attach the cup to the straw and put the cup over your mouth which will help develop your acoustical pressure.  It’s Super Nerdy + Super Effective.  If I have recommended you get this pack, don’t just take my word for it, take a look at the science behind this product for yourself.

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The Forbrain has been used for many years in my studio for both singers and professionals who want to create that more authoritative and engaging tone.  There is so much research and science behind this device, I really need you to go and read up on the huge benefits to integrating this device into your vocal life.

  • Bone conduction transmits the sound of your own voice 10 times faster and with greater clarity than air conduction.
  • The dynamic filter enhances specific frequencies of speech and constantly surprises the brain to increase memory, attention and sensory processing.
  • Auditory Feedback Loop: Forbrain corrects the way you hear your own voice leading to better speech production and increased confidence.
Click on the link below and use the Code: 3B2401355 to get your sneaky 10% discount.


The BELTBOX  is a fabulous answer for both singers and non-singers.  My executives and business professionals will often express their frustration at not being able to practice their presentation in the confines of the office space without others hearing them.  The BELTBOX disrupts the self-conscious patterns and concerns of others hearing you and is the perfect answer to getting used to the sensation of speaking and singing while muffling the sound.

Tip: While using the device ensure you are not holding back or compensating your voice.


Medicinal Support

Posture Medic: LLB Studio Recommended

Posture Medic is specifically designed to help you overcome your poor postural habits and retrain your body to stand up straight with our easy Stretch – Strengthen – Stabilise program.

Using the Posture Medic for our short and simple 10 minute stretching and strengthening program can improve your range of motion and upper body strength.  This can help you straighten up and stand tall naturally.

By wearing the Posture Medic as a dynamic brace, you can retrain your body to maintain the ideal position:

  • head up
  • straighter neck and back
  • an open chest
  • shoulders back and down

Most people feel the difference in just one use.  We recommend that the Posture Medic needs to be worn for short periods of time initially to get used to the new posture.  This is especially important for those with quite rounded posture as the changes will be more dramatic.

Available In Studio

Ceramic Neti Pot 

After practicing Ayurvedic Medicine for more than a decade one of my daily practices is the Neti Pot.

The Benefits

  • Clear the nostrils to allow free breathing.
  • Remove excess mucous.
  • Reduce pollen or allergens in nasal passages.
  • Reduce cold and flu symptoms.
  • Alleviate sinus headaches.
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Vocalzone Tea

A powerful, naturally caffeine free drink blended by herbal experts.  Vocalzone Tea is a standard “go to” in The LLB Studio.  A Tea that has helped famous singers for more than 100 years.

The Benefits

Their ingredients are natural supplements, which have been highly regarded by herbal experts for hundreds of years. In the case of some ingredients such as Myrrh, their use has been heavily documented in ancient history.

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LOVE this product because it is just plane healthy! The HumidiFlyer is now a travel necessity of many sporting teams, seasoned travellers and especially singers and performers in the arts. Relieve jet lag. Provides the user with humidified air. Stops in-flight infections. Sleep well.

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TBOYUAN Nebulizer

At some stage in any performer or speakers career they need the support of a steamers and/or nebulizer. the Tboyuan t has been a favourite of mine for many years and I recommend it to all my clients. It creates a mist, not steam, which has finer particles that penetrate deeper into your sinuses and airways for better absorption.

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Ear Plugs

As a professional who needs their voice to be fit and healthy,  you need to be cautious about how you use voice in environments with loud background noise, such as clubs, airplanes, busy restaurants etc.  These environments can quickly lead to vocal fatigue and in some cases damage.

To help measure how you use your voice in these environments I recommend you wear one ear plug.  This help you project your voice without straining.  I know this seems weird and a little extreme.  But ask yourself, do you want to be an athlete or an Olympian?  You are getting paid to speak, so you have a duty to do all that you can to give your very best performance, every performance.

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Hydro Flask

With so many water flasks on the market here is one that I love

  • Keeps beverages warm or cold.
  • BPA-free and phthalate-free.
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Hidrate Spark

Love Love Love this water bottle.  It digitally keeps track of how much water you drink AND the bottle glows when it’s time for you to drink.

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Let’s get the techi…

The new RØDE AI-1: Complete Studio Kit with Audio Interface

Recommended by Australia’s Sweetheart Katie Noonan

RØDE’s AI-1 Audio Interface is stacked with incredible technology to ensure recording on your computer is easy, versatile and sounds superb. The Complete Studio Kit comes with the AI-1, RØDE’s peerless NT1 large diaphragm condenser microphone, a shock mount and all cables. Let’s get started.

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Yeti USB Mic’

Recording podcasts, demo’s, video’s or running online lessons and meeting has become the home studio standard today.  This Mic is a great middle of the range choice and it comes in fabulous colours.

  • Four pickup patterns: cardioid, Omni, bidirectional, and stereo pickup patterns offer incredible flexibility, allowing you to record in ways that would normally require multiple microphones
  • Onboard audio controls: studio controls for headphone volume, pattern selection, instant mute, and microphone gain put you in charge of every level of the recording and streaming process
  • Legendary Blue Broadcast sound: makes the professional difference for recording, streaming and building your audience
  • Unique positionable design: adjust and pivot the microphone in relation to the sound source to optimize your sound quality
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Samson Condenser Mic’

This little cutie is a more affordable option and is perfect if you are travelling.

  • 14mm diaphragm USB condenser microphone
  • Smooth, flat frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz
  • iPad and USB bus powered
Shop The Samson Meteorite

DPA d:fine 66 Headset Mic’

This is a top of the range mic, personally recommended to me by one of Australia’s best sound engineers.  It’s perfect for professional singers and speakers.

  • Pristine audio quality
  • Easy dual-ear mounting
  • Lightweight discreet headset
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My Favourite Health + Mind People

Recommended Practitioners 

There is no question that my health has been comprised and I am eternally grateful to my team who have supported me in creating a sustainable, happy, healthy and loving life.   I believe to understand ourselves we must consciously live with ourselves, observe ourselves, know our content, our nature, structure and movement.    By doing this we start to understand that we are not static beings, we are living things.  To live with a living thing our spirit must be alive, our bodies must be strong and our mind needs to be free of opinions judgments and values.

Meet the team:

Jo Formosa

Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist.
Through the ancient practice of Ayurvedic Medicine Jo transformed my body.  She does practice and online consults.
If you want to step up to the next level of Elite Performance I need you to contact Jo and tell her I sent you.  xx
Contact Jo

Stuart Walter

Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner:

Working with elite athletes, ambitious entrepreneurs and individuals to help them recognise their potential of achieving amazing results.

Stuart has been on my speed dial list for many years.  Within minutes he can flip my mindset, find the source of my frustration and put me back on the path. Stuart also operates from his practice and online.  Tell him I sent you.  xx
Contact Stuart

Recommended Retreats & Training


Silent Awakenings

(Impacted by the Covid Pandemic)

Dates TBA 

Join me in attending this once in a lifetime retreat from the noise and stimulation

of daily life and discover the deep rejuvenation of sacred silence.


  • 6-night stay at Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite 15 nutritionist-designed meals
  • Twice daily specialized yoga, multiple
    daily meditations
  • Deep daily discussion with Deepak
  • Profound connection with nature
  • A strong sense of inner knowing

Primordial Sound Meditation Online Certification Program

Program Start Date: July 14th, 2021

Has practicing meditation profoundly changed your life, bringing you more peace, clarity of mind, and lightness of being than you ever had before? And now you want to deepen your practice and experience even more of its powerful, life-altering benefits . . .

Do you find yourself wishing you could share meditation with others to help alleviate the stress, struggle, and dis-ease that so many people are suffering from? And you want a strong framework to help you do that with confidence and ease . . . OR

Are you already doing meaningful work helping others to realize their fullest potential? And you know that learning to teach meditation from world-renowned leaders would allow you to make an even greater contribution to your students and the world . . .

If You Answered “Yes” to ANY ONE of the Above Questions, The Chopra Center’s Primordial Sound Meditation Certification Online Program Was Designed for You!

With this extraordinary meditation program, developed by world-renowned experts in mind-body medicine, Deepak Chopra, M.D., and David Simon, M.D., you’ll deepen your personal meditation practice while gaining the confidence and skills to teach meditation to others.

The  Certification Program continues where the Enrichment Program leaves off, with additional in-depth sessions and required testing and evaluations that will enable you to become a certified Primordial Sound Meditation instructor.

Primordial Sound Meditation Online Certification Program participants will also take part in exclusive live webinars with Chopra Center Advisory Board members and have access to Certified Instructor resources and benefits. Sessions will include guided meditations, yoga and advanced pranayama practices, reflection questions, student frequently asked questions, interactive groups, resources, and live Q&A calls. Each session includes content in video, audio, and/or written formats.

Space is Limited!

Contact me for an introduction to the Chopra Center