Every now and again it happens:

Time stops. Spirits are full of regret. Minds are deep in question, while hearts are drowning in sorrow. A loved one, friend, colleague or neighbour has passed away.

It may be a blessing to the end of long suffering, an unexpected accident or a life that had only just begun. No matter what, how, why or when it is always a time for reflection.

The funeral service is never about what car that person drove, how big their house or how much money they made. It’s about how that person impacted your life with their vocal legacy.

How did they made you feel, was it pleasant or unpleasant? The sympathetic vibration of their words is still living within your body.

You can hear their whispers, feel their breath and remember their joy. Perhaps the life changing conversations you had around the dinner table. The late night telephone calls that made you feel connected. Or the uplifting words of wisdom when you were down and out.

Every tone, syllable, word and sentence you speak is projecting a vibration onto and into your listener. What is the Vocal Legacy within your voice?