Your voice is the common factor in every conversation. As a human being you use your voice all day everyday. So why do millions of people just like you, struggle when asked to speak in public?

The action that generally gets overlooked when my clients are working towards becoming a confident speaker are their thoughts. I like to say, your thoughts shape your voice, if you control your thoughts you control your voice. Or what happens in the mind is reflected in your breath and visa versa.

This means that if your mind is busy jumping from thought to thought, your breath will be shallow and disjointed, leaving the listener feeling generally uneasy.

The first step to taking control is for you to get out of your head, move beyond your thoughts (which are only interpretations of experiences anyway).

Your goal is to reconnect to the mother space within. Feel the nurturing, safe and warm space that means you are connected to the self.

This action allows your mind to quieten, strengthening your breath while allowing you to speak your truth.