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Speaking is the skill required for every leader to connect and contribute. A confident, relaxed ability to communicate is not only your competitive edge, it is now a part of your job description.

Whether you are speaking on the podium, online, at the meeting, delivering a report, networking or nailing the pitch, one thing is clear: From the analyst calls to shareholder meetings, how well you present yourself and your message is critical to the desired outcome. Your voice needs to be confident, authentic and free.

Your career goals need to be supported by your voice: Resonance, endurance, flexibility, cadence, articulation, coloring and presence are key to maintaining the listeners interest.





The lessons I share with you have not come easy.  I have fought for them at great cost and the outcome is the many disciplines that I have discovered throughout my lifetime.  I have studied and learned the physiological and psychological requirements to nail any public speaking events and I can do the same for you.  My purpose is to share my secrets, my 20 years of extensive experience as a vocal coach, presentation consultant, speaker and understanding of sustainable living to instil confidence and inspire growth within you.

It starts with the right mind set, healthy body and physical techniques to ensure you feel confident to speak across every platform.  I work with a wide range of clients from solo entrepreneurs to top company executives. In each case, I use my kind, yet firm style to lift your executive presence.

Most recently I spearheaded a political campaign: Campaign Manager, Speechwriter and Presentation Preparation.   In the last 10 years along I have worked with:  Politicians and Senators, Australia’s Top Lawyers, CEOs, Sales, Negotiators, Entrepreneurs, Council Executives, CEO’s, Management and Teams, Toastmasters, Speakers, Top Tier Leaders, Doctors, Psychologists and The State Education Department.


Through the optimisation of voice, you will learn the physical and mental techniques to RUN your voice effectively, strengthen your executive presence and form strong personal connections. 

You will unpack any limiting cultural/self-belief systems, enabling you to speak freely, build trust and deliver messages that inspire your teams, customers, peers, networks and audiences to take action.

I give personal, insightful and practical advice to support your success.  You will walk away with the tools to communicate, inspire, motivate and educate clearly and authentically.

Training Available For:  Message development, keynote presentations, management reports, TV and radio appearances, job interviews, videos, podcasts and vlogs… and anything you need to use your voice for.

Choose from: Tailored individual programs, group training and workshop sessions. 

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