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Slide Feel | Express | Be As a professional singer, voice coach at the LLB Vocal Studio, and entrepreneur, I get it. My coaching is focused on understanding your model of the world, your personality, and your story.
Your voice, confidence, and impact will have the most effect when you learn how to tap into your truth, communicating the way you want, when it matters the most.

Here’s a guide on how to find what works best for you at the LLB Vocal Studio:

  • For you, the singer, because you deserve to be heard: Singing Lessons 
  • Something for you, the professional, wanting to connect and contribute: The Woman’s Voice
  • For you, the industry leader, wanting a speaker to motivate and empower your next event: LLB Keynote Speaker
  • Discover the essential tools to navigate your way through this unprecedented times: Meditation Program
  • And for you, a helping hand to make your journey a little easier: Mentor Program

I am really pleased you have landed here today.  I know you are ready to work, simply because you have shown up, so I thank and welcome you. While I work quickly I don’t have quick fixes to anything or pretend to know everything.  I have some ideas and practices that may resonate with you and help you contribute in both your personal and professional world. Often clients can’t believe how much they take away from each session.

Please contact me when you need me.  Contact me when you are ready to live your best life, speak your truth, and be heard.  And in the meantime, until we meet in person, please always remember you deserve to be heard!

Performance Studios

You may have heard the rumours and they are all true. I have a brand new, state of the art Performance Studios located at 3994 Pacific Highway, Loganholme, QLD. I would love to see you there.

We are dedicated to delivering elite performance training, with a focus on Artistic – Business – Personal development.

Whether you want to become an elite performer, you need to find your voice, close those big deals or you want singing lessons for your kids, Performance Studios will give you the skills and mental edge to help you innovate, elevate and adapt to your industry’s demands.

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The Voice Straw and Cup Combo.

Your complete vocal tool kit!  The Whole Shebang!  Everything you need to complete your vocal toolkit!

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Raw, real and rational conversations to help develop the woman’s voice. Join renowned vocal coach Lisa Lockland-Bell to get all the tools and strategies to develop a powerful voice.

Listen as she chats with key leaders from around the globe revealing ideas, techniques, and inspiration to take your voice into every conversation.  Each podcast episode is designed to give you a deeper understanding of how to develop, and most importantly support the woman’s voice: including the physical voice, internal voice, collective voice, psychological, hormones, health, balance, and more.

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