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I believe you deserve to be heard!  My holistic approach to life includes calico bags, mung bean soup (as a staple diet), a constant search for truth, an empathetic spirit, and eclectic love of eastern music and philosophy. I am deeply hurt by social injustice and have a physical reaction to incongruent language (aka lying). I am disappointed by inconsistency and saddened by any negative conditioning of the human mind and spirit.

I know the truth will always prevail. I choose to live a simple, cozy, and happy life. I eat nutritious food because it’s clear to me that the digestive system is the root of all diseases. My routine is about learning and teaching.  I stand for making money from a noble service that makes a difference in people’s lives.  I am an introvert who is very shy and will not push into a conversation by force. I believe my opinion is just that, my opinion, and I resist sharing it too often. However, ask me my opinion when I am on stage and the introvert steps aside, ready to deliver my beliefs, desires, experiences, and ideas.

I believe that if we project the potential that lies within every human spirit, we can make a change in the world.  I know firsthand that in order for us as humans to sustain any quality of life, we need to take more responsibility for our actions, be tender and more understanding to ourselves first. My deepest desire to feel safe and connected.

My AHA! moment: Being told I CANNOT get cancer again because my body won’t take any more treatment! The human voice is my purpose. I want to climb more mountains and sit with more spiritual gurus. I crave meditation and experiences from a higher level of consciousness. My desire is to support others, offering my love, compassion, and understanding. I want the headstone on my grave to say “You’ve just got to be bothered”.

Happiness, joy, and health are all ours for the taking, but we need to believe it first.  My favourite key signature is C Major. I always feel the incredible pull of the northern hemisphere’s magnetic energy. My big goal is to follow Autumn around the world for the rest of my life. My favourite word is Namaste.

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Artists: Speaker, Executive, CEO, Entrepreneur, Politician, Singer.
As a professional singer, voice coach, and entrepreneur, I get it. My coaching is focused on understanding your model of the world, your personality, and your story.

Your voice, confidence, and impact will have the most effect when you learn how to tap into your truth, communicating the way you want, when it matters the most.

Here’s a guide on how to find what works best for you:
  • Something for you, the professional, wanting to connect and contribute: Public Speaking Courses
  • For you, the industry leader, wanting a speaker to motivate and empower their next event: LLB Keynote Speaker
  • Discover the essential tools to navigate your way through this unprecedented time: Meditation Program
  • And for you, a helping hand to make your journey a little easier: Mentor Program
  • For you, the singer, because you deserve to be heard: Singing Tuition

I am really pleased you have landed here today.  I know you are ready to work, simply because you have shown up, so I thank and welcome you. While I work quickly I don’t have quick fixes to anything or pretend to know everything.  I have some ideas and practices that may resonate with you and help you contribute in both your personal and professional world. Often clients can’t believe how much they take away from each session.

Please contact me when you need me.  Contact me when you are ready to live your best life, speak your truth, and be heard.  And in the meantime, until we meet in person, please always remember you deserve to be heard!

“The secret to an expressive voice is to move straight from the breath
into the sound, without a gap of self-doubt or manipulation” – LLB

Raw, real and rational conversations to help develop the woman’s voice.  Join renowned vocal coach Lisa Lockland-Bell to get all the tools and strategies to develop a powerful voice.

Listen as she chats with key leaders from around the globe revealing ideas, techniques, and inspiration to take your voice into every conversation.  Each podcast episode is designed to give you a deeper understanding of how to develop, and most importantly support the woman’s voice: including the physical voice, internal voice, collective voice, psychological, hormones, health, balance, and more.

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